Agriculture Degree Program in China - Tea Science

1. Introduction

Tea Science research content, divided from the big aspects, covers two parts, tea science and tea culture. Tea science is a traditional discipline with a long history and distinctive characteristics, a modern subject also involving natural science and humanities.

2. Discipline Categories

1) Tea botany (Tea tree science, tea tree cultivation)

2) Technology of tea making (tea making, tea production)

3) Tea history

4) The spread of tea and tea drinking customs

5) Tea chemistry

6) Tea inspection

7) Tea pests and diseases, tea effect

8) Tea economics (tea trade, tea product, tea market), tea beverage science

9) Tea food and tea therapy (tea pharmacy), tea mechanics

10) Tea culture, such as tea ceremony, tea house, tea museum

11) Tea literature and art, such as poems, couplets, tea song and dance, tea lovers, paintings, statues, paper-cut and so on.

3. Training Objectives

The program trains senior scientific and technical personnel with the basic theory, basic knowledge and basic skills of agricultural biological science, food science and tea etc., can be engaged in tea related technology and design, promotion and development, operation and management, teaching and scientific research, etc. in the field of agriculture, industry, commerce and other departments.

4. Training Requirements

The students mainly study the basic theory and basic knowledge of agricultural and biological science, food science and tea, receive basic training in tea breeding and cultivation of tea production and marketing, with the basic ability of tea tree breeding and cultivation, tea production, tea comprehensive utilization and marketing aspects.

5. Main Subjects

Food science, Horticulture

6. Main Courses

Plant physiology and biochemistry, applied probability and statistics, genetics, soil, agricultural ecology, tea cultivation and breeding science, biochemistry of tea, tea machinery, tea processing, tea tasting and testing, economic management and marketing.

7. Major Practical Teaching

Teaching practice, production practice, curriculum design, graduation thesis (graduation design), research and training, production and labor, social practice, the general arrangement is not less than 30 weeks.

8. Knowledge and Ability

1) Have a solid theoretical knowledge of mathematics, physics and chemistry and so on;

2) Master the basic theory of biological science, high quality and high yield of tea and food engineering;

3) Master the basic knowledge of tea quality formation and economic trade; 

4) With the methods and skills of analyzing and solving tea processing, inspection, tea review and marketing;

5) With agricultural development awareness and basic knowledge, understand the trend and development of Frontier tea discipline;

6) Familiar with the relevant policies, policies and regulations of agriculture and tea industry.

9. Employment Direction

Graduates have bright employment prospects, they can be engaged in agricultural technology promotion and management department of famous tea area, tea import and export commodity inspection, tea quality safety demonstration intermediaries and enterprises tea (tea trade and business company, tea export processing enterprises and tea production enterprises and so on).

10. Similar Majors

Agronomy, horticulture, plant protection, tea, pratacultural science, tobacco, plant science and technology, seed science and engineering and application of biological science, facility agriculture science and engineering


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