Beijing Jiaotong University

Overseas Students at Beijing Jiaotong University, China

Beijing Jiaotong University is a multidisciplinary national key university, leading in information and management disciplines and featuring traffic and transportation science and technology. It is among the first universities qualified for doctorate and master’s degree conferral. Over the past century, BJTU has developed into a key base of cultivating talents for social and economic development especially for the modernization of railway transportation. It attaches great importance to international education and provides scholarship opportunities to international students and offers preparatory, bachelor, master, doctoral programs and exchange programs in the fields of engineering, management, economy, science, arts, law, and philosophy. Center for International Education of Beijing Jiaotong University is responsible for international students’ admission, visa, accommodation, teaching affairs and extracurricular Activities, etc., and Chinese students’ study abroad affairs. It also assumes the reception work of foreign institutions and student groups visiting our school. The center aims to attract more international students to BJTU and send more BJTU Chinese students to the world. Currently, 1378 international students from different corner of the world are registered at Beijing Jiaotong University. 



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