Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

Internship Hospitals - Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, China

There are 3 directly affiliated hospitals of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Dongzhimen Hospital, Dongfang Hospital and The 3rd affiliated hospital. These hospitals have well equipped clinical facilities and teaching facilities provided for international students for internship, rotation and practicing what they learn from class. Beijing University of Chinese Medicine also sets up 36 clinical teaching bases for teaching, internship rotation and practicing. Hospitals are best places for international students where they can learn a lot of knowledge to improve their clinical skills. International students can have good practice and internships on these hospitals and receive enough exercises to be qualified as a doctor in the future. These hospitals and professional bases fulfill their functions and perform their duties in clinical treatment, research, teaching, and courses of study.

Dongzhimen Hospital

Dongzhimen Hospital was founded in 1958 and is conveniently located in downtown Beijing. The hospital has 574 beds, more than 356 medical health care professionals, and 81 postgraduate research supervisors. It is a specialized Chinese Medicine hospital that provides integrated Chinese and Western medical treatment. The hospital offers comprehensive primary care in addition to inpatient and outpatient services. Through more than half a century of hard work, it has developed into a top institution with excellent research skills and technologies as well as comprehensive facilities. Dongzhimen Hospital has leading competence in the treatment of both common and rare diseases. It serves as Beijing University of Chinese Medicine’s base for training, research and medical practice and also as base for clinical training for TCM professionals.  


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