Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

TCM Internship at Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, China

In order to promote the TCM medical skills of international students and help them to be a qualified doctor in the future, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine gives many chances of TCM medical internship, practicing and clinical rotation at teaching and internship hospitals for foreign students. Internship and rotation are very necessary after the class learning, and it is a very important step to be a qualified TCM doctor use TCM medical skills what they learn in class. 

Beijing University of Chinese Medicine has 3 directly affiliated hospitals and 36 clinical teaching bases in combining the strength of teaching and clinical activities. Hospitals are best places for international students where they can learn a lot of knowledge to improve their clinical skills. International students can have good practice and internships on these hospitals and receive enough exercises to be qualified as a doctor in the future. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a practical field, after several years’ study of basic medicine and clinical medicine, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine will provide international students’ chances for internship and rotation at these directly affiliated hospitals, affiliated hospitals and teaching hospitals.


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