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Jinzhou City, China - Bohai University Located City


Jinzhou is a prefecture-level city of Liaoning province, China. It is a geographically strategic city located in the “Liaoxi Corridor”, which connects land transportation between North China and Northeast China. Jinzhou is China’s northernmost seaport and the coastal economic center of West Liaoning on the north-western shore of the Bohai Sea. The total area under the jurisdiction of Jinzhou is 10,111 square kilometres (3,904 sq mi), most of which is rural, encompassing a coastline of 97.7 km (60.7 mi).

Jinzhou has a wide range of industries. Major traditional industries include petrochemistry, metallurgy, textiles, and pharmacy and building materials. The Jinzhou Economic and Technical Development Zone was established in 1992. It is among the first province-level development zones approved by Liaoning Province. The development zone enjoys convenient transportation with easy access to Jinzhou Seaport, Jinzhou airport and several state highways. Within the city, some western franchises have set up shop, most notably KFC, which has a long established foothold in Chinese markets. RT-Mart, New-Mart and Do-Do Express are major food and sundries retailers.

Jinzhou Airport provides air transport to major airports in China. There are two railway stations in the city, one designated for long trips and one for shorter routes. The most popular way to get around Jinzhou is on foot or by bicycle. Taxis crowd the streets.

The climate of Jinzhou is a warm and semi-humid climate as the result of its geographical location. The monsoon climate is obvious, gentle wind in spring, high temperature and more rain in summer, cool wind and warm sun in autumn, cold and dry weather in winter.

Here, every year some people will come to visit some famous historical sites. The Liaoshen Campaign Memorial is a large museum that holds and displays over 16,000 pieces of equipment used during the campaign, including rifles, machine guns, mortars, cannons, and tanks. It also holds thousands of pictures and documents. The best known exhibit inside the museum is the Panoramic Picture Hall, which reproduces the complete Battle of Jinzhou on a rotating circular screen.

"Mount Bijia" is an interesting island in the Bohai Sea south of Jinzhou’s coastline. During most time of the day, Mt. Bijiashan can only be accessed by boat, but when the sea recedes, a natural zigzagging cobblestone bridge emerges from the Bohai Sea and connects Mt. Bijia to the mainland. People can walk to Mount Bijia from the seafront on foot and local people have named this natural wonder “Tian Qiao”. On the top of the mountain there is a tall stone pavilion, which resembles a gigantic pen resting on a pen holder, hence the name “Bijiashan”, meaning the “Pen Holder Mountain”.

Population: 3.05 million

Temperature: average 9 °C (48.2°F)