Bohai University

Scholarships in Bohai University, China for International Student

President Scholarship for International students

Bohai University provides international students scholarship in order to encourage more and more students to study here. On the other hand, this scholarship system promotes students to study hard and diligently. If you want to get this scholarship, you have to improve yourself or pursue higher goal.

1. Qualification for Applicant 

1. Applicants should obey Chinese laws and regulations, school customs and regulations, or discipline, and also with good performance at school.

2. Applicants should love your professional, and own some good qualities, like positive learning attitude, hard working; leave absence doesn’t exceed a total of 10 hours in a semester.

3. Applicants should respect teachers, get along with students, have a higher prestige among the classmates, and effectively play a good model role; actively participate in class or school activities, work seriously.

4. Applicants have made outstanding achievements in terms of academic, sports, arts and cultural exchanges, public service, and have great influence among the public.

5. Applicants should have the appropriate level of Chinese in principle. Undergraduate students need to reach the HSK3 level for English medium programs, graduate students need to reach HSK4 level for English medium programs. 

2. Application materials 

(1) Application form;

(2) Scan copy of the academic review of this year with seal, the average score and the results of the ranking;

(3) A scan copy of the HSK certificate;

(4) A letter of recommendation issued by the Institute;

(5) Scan copy of Certificate document of the outstanding achievements of the past academic year, sports, literature, arts, public welfare activities and other aspects of the outstanding performance.


The final information is subject to the University If there is any discrepancy!