Changchun University of Technology

Why Study at Changchun University of Technology, China

Brief Introduction

Changchun University of Technology (CCUT) is a key university of Jilin Province. It is a multi-disciplinary university, with engineering as its key discipline, engineering, management, arts, science, economics, law, education and other disciplines supporting and coordinating each other. It has gained “Excellence” in the National Undergraduate Teaching Assessment.

1. History

Changchun University of Technology (CCUT) was founded in 1952, with 65 years of educational experience, the education quality has been improved greatly and international education has achieved great development. Changchun University of Technology is situated near the picturesque South Lake Park of Changchun, the environment of CCUT is very quiet and pleasant. The university boasts three campuses - South Lake Campus (Main campus), Linyuan Campus and Qianjin Campus.

2. Discipline and Programs

Changchun University of Technology (CCUT) consists of 19 colleges and 54 undergraduate specialties. It has a total enrollment of more than 20,000 full-time undergraduates, two-year students and postgraduates. Now Changchun University of Technology has 17 first-grade disciplines for master’s program, 7 second-grade disciplines for master’s program, 18 authorized fields for engineering master’s degree, 8 provincial key disciplines, 2 provincial key construction disciplines, one provincial key construction center for engineering training, 2 key construction centers for fundamental experiment and teaching and 3 provincial first-grade laboratories.

3. Academic Facilities and Scientific Research

At present, Changchun University of Technology has 1,803 faculty members. CCUT has persistently adhered to the principles of its institutional operation: serve to the need of the economic construction of Jilin province and the development of the society. To meet the requirements of the economic and social development of Jilin province in different historic periods, especially the requirements of industrial construction and the adjustment of the industrial structure, the university has actively carried out personnel training and scientific research so as to serve the society. It has formed an outstanding feature for its institutional operation: the training of the personnel should be realistic, the scientific research should be practical and the service to the society should be efficient, with “working hard and perseveringly, being rigorous and practical” as the spirit of its institutional operation.

4.  Great Achievement

For more than 50 years since its establishment, it has graduated a lot of qualified personnel for the country and achieved many scientific successes. It has made great contribution to the economic development of the country and Jilin province as well as the progress of the society.

At present, CCUT is working hard to carry out “the Tenth Five-Year Plan for the Development Project” and actively promotes the transition of Changchun University of Technology from a teaching-oriented university to a teaching-and-research-oriented university. It will make its effort to achieve the status of a first-class provincial polytechnical university in China.

5. Communication and International Cooperation 

Changchun University of Technology (CCUT) is one of the first batch of universities authorized by the Ministry of Education to enroll international students. Changchun University of Technology has established friendly cooperation with the universities and research institutions in the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Russia and other countries, established exchange of international students, exchange of experts and scholars for international academic exchange and research cooperation. Changchun University of Technology has hosted an undergraduate education program in collaboration with the Oakland University and the State University of Portland in the United States.


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