China Conservatory of Music

Overseas Students at China Conservatory of Music

China Conservatory of Music began to recruit foreign students in 1993, since then hundred of foreign students from all over the world have been trained at China Conservatory of Music. Through more than 40 years of development, China Conservatory of Music has not only consolidate its leading position in preserving and developing Chinese music, but has become a bridge between China and the outside world which helps the other countries get to know Chinese music better and better in the new century.

China Conservatory of Music recruits students annually throughout the country, and at the same time admits foreign students across from all over the world. Brilliant talents are selected and admitted into China Conservatory of Music through strict examinations. The university provides students with first-class teaching facilities, such as multimedia studios for music creation, electronic facilities for computer composing, recording studios,  first ever "all-Steinway" piano institute in Asia, two hundred practicing rooms and three hundred pianos at the students' disposal. All these form a sound basis for the quality of teaching.


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