Chongqing Normal University

Why Study at Chongqing Normal University, China

Brief Introduction 

Chongqing Normal University (hereafter as “CNU”), founded in 1954, is a full-time comprehensive institution of higher education under the leadership of Chongqing Municipal Government of P. R. China. It covers over 190 hectares (2800 mu) and is located in Shapingba District, the cultural and educational district of Chongqing. Currently, there are over 28,000 students enrolled and over 1700 teachers including more than 700 professors and associate professors.


In January 1954, Southwest Culture and Education Ministry and Chongqing Municipal People's Committee approved the establishment of "Chongqing Normal specialized School", Chongqing Normal University became one of the earliest normal specialized colleges after the establishment of People's Republic of China. In September 1960, Sichuan Provincial People's Committee approved the school to change its name into “Chongqing Normal College". In September 1962, Sichuan Provincial People's Committee complies with the requirements of the state to streamline compression, Chengdu Normal College incorporated into Chongqing Normal College. In May 2001, Chongqing Children's Normal School and Chongqing Textile University incorporated into Chongqing Normal College. In April 2003, the Ministry of Education approved the school changed its name to "Chongqing Normal University". In September 2003, Chongqing First Normal School incorporated into Chongqing Normal University. July 2004, the establishment of the University City campus of Chongqing Normal University finished. In October 2005, the first batch of students was admitted into the University City campus.

(2)Discipline and programs 

Chongqing Normal University is a higher education institution authorized to award Master’s and Bachelor’s degree with the approval of the Degree Awarding commission of the State Council, P. R. China. Currently, there are 18 colleges, 86 master's degree programs, 63 under-graduate programs concerning literature, science, economics, management, art, physical education, etc., forming an educational system which is able to train postgraduates, undergraduates and overseas students.

(3)Academic facilities and Scientific research 

Chongqing Normal University has a key laboratory of the Ministry of Education, a department of the provincial Ministry of Education Engineering Center, five municipal humanities and social science research bases, eight municipal key laboratories, eight municipal innovation teams, a municipal engineering research center and a municipal collaborative innovation center. Chongqing Normal University has two national bases: "Chinese education base in the overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council", “the national key construction of vocational teachers training base" and multiple municipal bases like “general and primary and secondary school teachers training base of Chongqing City”, “preschool education teacher training base of Chongqing City”, “special education teachers municipal training base of Chongqing City”, “Chongqing International Promotion of Chinese language training base”, “Sino German (Chongqing) vocational education demonstration base”, “Chongqing Vocational Teacher Training Group”, “Chongqing city piped music teacher training base”.

In addition, "Chongqing Tourism College", "Chongqing music college", "Chongqing children's normal college", "Chongqing Special Education College" also established relying on the establishment of Chongqing Normal University.

(4)Great achievements 

Chongqing Normal University is a model university administered by law in Chongqing, it was honored as “civilized unit of Chongqing”, “the advanced collective of moral education of Chongqing”, “garden style unit of Chongqing”, “Chongqing top ten city clean unit”, “Chongqing forest-like campus”. It is one the first patch of national pilot colleges and universities of excellent education and training program for agriculture and forestry talents and excellent teacher training program. 

Teachers of Chongqing Normal University have won 4 national teaching achievement prizes, 57 provincial and ministerial level teaching achievement prizes. Students of Chongqing Normal University has won three national first prizes, 14 national second prizes, 24 municipal first prizes, 66 municipal second prizes in the National College students Mathematics Contest; one national first prize, 3 national second prizes, 6 municipal first prizes, 3 municipal second prizes, 9 successful competition prizes in National Electronic Devising Competition; 2 national teaching achievement second prizes, 21 municipal teaching achievement second prizes, 10 municipal essential courses. Department of mathematics and applied mathematics are approved as the first batch of specialty construction spots of institution of higher learning by Ministry of education and Ministry of Finance, 3 specialties including Chinese language and literature are approved as municipal characteristic professional construction spot, Geographical Science Experimental Teaching Center and Digital Film and Television Production Experiment Teaching Center are approved as Chongqing experimental teaching demonstration center.

(5)Communication and international cooperation 

Grasping the tendency of educational globalization, Chongqing Normal University perseveres in the mode of “open university”. The university has successively established cooperation and exchange relationship with education institutions in over 20 countries. It has set up institutions such as Mandarin Teachers Colleges in UK and Indonesia, and Confucius Institutes in UK, Sri Lanka and Rwanda. It has successfully exchanged students to Russia Voronezh Normal University, Hiroshima Culture University, Japan and Shinshu University, Japan.



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