Donghua University

Canteens in Donghua University, China

There are several canteens on Yan’an Road Campus at Donghua University. Food card is required for having meals, buying snack and beverage there (except DHU restaurant and the snack area). Canteen No. 1 is on the 1st and 2nd floor, offering kinds of cuisines including stir-fried dishes, mini hot pot, earthenware pot soup, noodles, rice bowl with topping, cold dishes, etc. This canteen is crowded during meal time as it is very popular among students. Canteen No.2 is on the 1st and 2nd floor. A little less dish choices offered but are relatively less crowded during meal time. On the 1st floor, you may find a variety of Chinese breakfast and featured traditional Cantonese potted rice. The snack area on this floor closes at 22:30 every day. On the 2nd floor, there are fresh stir-fried dishes and some ready-made dishes. Muslim Canteen is on the 3rd floor of Canteen No. 2. It provides diversified Muslim dishes, noodles, which are quite popular among international students. Donghua University Restaurant is on the 3rd floor of Canteen No. 1. It provides ordering service only at lunch and dinner time. The dishes are a bit more expensive than the ones in other canteens. Both food card and cash are acceptable.  International students live on Songjiang Campus have many options to have meal, two canteens on campus with a Muslim dining place. There are many restaurants in Songjiang university Town Street which is just 5 minutes to go.



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