Fujian Normal University

Overseas Students at Fujian Normal University, China

Fujian Normal University (FNU)  has nearly 120 international students from over 30 countries studying on campus. It develops a well- rounded education for international student. The international students from Confucius Institute have ever performed the Chinese shows for former President Obama in White House. In 2012, the international student Mina from Tajikistan won the Golden Award in the 5th CCTV “Chinese Bridge ”Competition with the excellent performance, and even awarded the honor of “Chinese Star”. At present, FNU has established friendly and cooperative relations with more than 110 universities and institutions in the USA, UK, Australia, etc. and with UNESCO, and real cooperation with over 40 universities in Taiwan have been launched. Teaching Chinese as a foreign language for international students is another development FNU has made in recent years. So far 774 volunteers in 14 groups have been sent to 12 countries (the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, etc.), two Confucius Institutes established in collaboration with the Angeles University Foundation of the Philippines and Al Azhar Indonesia University respectively, and one Confucius classroom opened with the Boston Renaissance Charter Public School, USA. 



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