Guangdong Ocean University

Why Study at Guangdong Ocean University, China

Guangdong Ocean University (GDOU) enjoying the joint sponsorship and co-construction of the State Oceanic Administration and the People’s Government of Guangdong Province, the university was established as a provincial key institution which features itself with Fishery and Marine disciplines. With 77 years of history, GDOU is now recognized as a multidisciplinary oceanic university which focuses on marine and fishery sciences and coordinates well in the development of science, engineering, agriculture, humanities, economics, management, law, and education, and of all these disciplines applied sciences relatively enjoy a predominate position. GDOU has cultivated over 100,000 excellent practical talents for the society ever since its foundation, giving force to the development of Guangdong province as well as South China Sea studies and exploitations.

(1) History 
The school was founded in 1935 at the Guangdong Provincial Advanced Aquatic Vocational School. She is the origination of education of modern Marine aquatic products in Guangdong province. After several migrations, she was promoted to Zhanjiang Fishery College directly under the ministry of agriculture. In January 1997, Zhanjiang Marine University was established by the Zhanjiang Fishery College with the history of 62-year history and the Zhanjiang gricultural college with a history of 39 years. In December 2001, Zhanjiang meteorological school merged into Zhanjiang ocean university. In June 2005, with the approval of the ministry of education, Zhanjiang ocean university was renamed Guangdong Ocean University.
(2) Discipline and programs
The school has three first-level disciplines, such as "aquatic", "food science and engineering" and "Marine science". 7 first-level master's degree programs, 29 second-level master's degree programs (admission points), 3 master degree categories (12 areas); 75 undergraduate majors (38 of which are listed in "one"). School has 6 provincial key disciplines, including aquatic products processing and storage engineering secondary discipline is listed as one of the key discipline of "climbing the peak", Marine science, aquatic 2 first-level discipline is listed as one of the key discipline of "advantage", automation and machinery manufacturing, animal breeding and genetics and breeding, agricultural economy management three secondary discipline is listed as "key subject". 5 national specialties, 1 national comprehensive reform pilot program, and 4 countries' first batch of outstanding agricultural and forestry talents education training program reform pilot program. Eight characteristic specialty, two famous brand of guangdong province, guangdong province, one of guangdong province key professional, comprehensive reform pilot specialty in guangdong province in the nine, three applied talents training of guangdong province demonstration specialty, three strategic emerging industries in guangdong province.
(3) Academic facilities and Scientific research 
Guangdong Ocean University (GDOU) is academically organized into 18 colleges, 26 research institutes, 1 self-contained college(viz. Cunjin college) and one department for Ideological and Political Theory Teaching. With well-equipped teaching buildings, museum, student's dormitories, swimming pools, etc. Altogether the three campuses share a floorage of 720,000 square meters. Its well-stocked library contains books over 1,920,000 volumes. Teaching buildings and all 66 research centers are well-quipped with advanced facilities. With more than 3,000 aquatic life specimens, its Aquatic Museum boasts the richest display in all higher institutions across the country. In the past five years, it undertook 1508 scientific research projects, among which many are state key projects including March 1986 Hi-tech programs, March 1997 State Plan for Development of Basic Research programs, state science and technology support programs and other state natural science and social science funds programs, with these it was granted research funds 248 million yuan and awarded 106 science and technology awards, of which there are 4 provincial and ministerial awards, first prize; 29 provincial and ministerial awards, second and third prize; and 1 National Science and Technology Award, second prize. 
(4) Guangdong Ocean University Achievement
From September 2011 to September 2016, the school including national 973 program, national 863 program, national science and technology support plan, the national natural science foundation, national social science fund, a total of 2856 scientific research projects, such as the 243 national projects; Scientific research expenditure amounted to 630 million yuan. To obtain 29 provincial and ministerial science and technology awards; obtained 432 authorized patents. The university is an excellent institution of undergraduate teaching evaluation of the ministry of education. The school is an excellent university with a bachelor's degree, a master's degree and a doctor's degree. It is a university that has been selected into the construction of a high level university in guangdong province.
(5) Communication and international cooperation
GDOU perseveres substantive cooperation and interchange in research and academic studies both domestically and internationally, enjoying longstanding in-depth partnerships with universities in over 30 countries and regions, including in countries like the UK, Australia, Japan, and regions like Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc. from where it engaged a number of distinguished honorary professors, guest professors and adjunct professors and established joint-programs with Ocean university of China and National Taiwan Ocean University. The school has established a good cooperative relationship with more than 50 universities and research institutions in the United States, Japan, South Korea, Britain, Australia, etc., as well as in Hong Kong, Taiwan and other regions.
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