Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

Accommodation in Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, China

The International students’ Residence Hall on the North Campus: Balconied double and quad rooms (equipped with private toilet/bath, hot water supply, air-conditioning, and internet connections). A separate group kitchen, laundry facilities, table, washing machine and drying machine are on every floor) are all available in the international residence building on the North Campus. In addition, you need to get a letter of recommendation to secure on-campus accommodations and you must purchase a Campus Card in Office Rm. 102, No.7 Academic building. You then pay the cost in the reception area of the dorms either in cash or by credit card, before you can enter or use the hot water supply.

Dormitories on the South Campus (only for degree students of South Campus): Balconied international student dormitory rooms are equipped with private toilet/bath, hot water supply, air-conditioning, telephone, internet connections and public laundry facilities. 


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