Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

Overseas Students at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, China

Guangdong University of Foreign Studies upholds the motto of Pursuit of Integrity, Practice and Cross-cultural Learning and defines as its mission the training of high-caliber global citizens through the integration of content studies and foreign language training for globally minded graduates with international vision and social responsibility. They should be well-versed in international norms, excellent in ethical cultivation and competence in their chosen fields of study, strong in cross-cultural communication and hands-on creativity, and ready to engage in global competition and cooperation. There are about 2354 international students from foreign countries here studying for Bachelor and Master Programs in English. International students are very happy to take part in school activities, World culture festival. They all think it very fantastic and amazing. Because they have chances to show them on the stage. At last, they can not only understand the Chinese language but the culture. 


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