Guilin Medical University

Why Study Medicine at Guilin Medical University, China

Brief Introduction

Guilin Medical University (GLMU) is a public university, located in Guilin, Guangxi, China. It is in the Ministry of Education undergraduate teaching evaluation of outstanding colleges and universities, the Ministry of education of the first batch of "excellent doctor education training program" pilot university, one of the only two doctor of medicine degree granting unit in Guangxi, known as "shining north of the medical Pearl" . Formerly known as the creation of Guangxi in 1935 Guilin senior midwifery nurses school in 1958, upgraded its name to Guilin Medical College in 1987, in 2014 as a doctoral degree authorized the construction unit, 2015 Approved the establishment of post-doctoral research station. As of October 2015, covers an area of 851,000 square meters, including Lequn, Dongcheng, Lingui three campuses, with 20 secondary colleges (Department, Department), 6 affiliated hospitals, 23 clinical teaching hospitals. There are 14 national and regional specialties such as the construction of national specialties, the key specialties of autonomous regions, the high-quality specialties of autonomous regions, the specialties of autonomous regions, the demonstration and innovation of innovation and entrepreneurship education in autonomous regions and projects.


Guilin Medical University formerly known as Guilin Senior Nurse Midwifery School, was founded in 1935. It was transformed and renamed as Guilin Medical School in 1958. Approved by the former State Board of Education in 1987, the school was upgraded to a college for medical undergraduates. In 1993, the college was granted to train foreign students and in 2006, it was authorized to conduct graduate programs. GLMU was recognized as an “Excellent University” by the Ministry of Education of China in 2012.


Guilin Medical University currently has campuses located in Le Qun, Dong Cheng and Lingui covering a total area of 1334.27 acres. Le Qun campus, the oldest of the three, is situated in downtown Guilin across one of the best hospitals in Guangxi Province, the Affiliated Hospital of Guilin Medical University where the medical students have their training and practice. This campus is also beside the famous Li River (Guangxi) and theJingjiang Princes' City. The university's main campus, Dong Cheng, is in the east bank of the Li River near the Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts and Guilin University of Technology. It is where the offices such as the International Education Department and the Foreign Languages Department are found. The foreign medical students take their respective classes in this campus.

The biggest campus lies in the beautiful Lingui District. Lingui campus has an area wide enough to cater to the students enrolled in the university. Surrounded with a lake, tall trees and colorful flowers, it provides an eco-friendly environment to teachers, students and visitors alike.

3.Teaching Construction 

Guilin Medical University gives priority to clinical medicine and integrates pharmacy, biotechnology, medical assay, and nursing. It is a multi-major university developed harmoniously with a strong comprehensive power and a definite influence in and out of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. GLMU takes an active part in the international exchanges and cooperation, and is one of the earliest institutions of higher learning accredited by the former State Education Committee.

GLMU has 20 secondary college departments, 6 affiliated hospitals, 23 clinical teaching laboratories, and 94 classrooms for teaching practice.

For the past five years, the university has undertaken 945 research projects, 117 of which are national projects, 161 provincial and ministerial projects, 44 science and technology achievement awards at all levels. It won 49 national patents, including 12 invention patents, 4,194 research papers, including 168 SCI and EI Indexed Papers, 1,791 Chinese core journals and completed 134 provincial teaching reform project in nearly five years. GLMU was conferred the national teaching award and 33 provincial teaching achievement awards. The university was featured in the "Chinese Medicine" Chinese Academic journal, "China Journal", "Articles Digital Periodicals" online journal, the journal of the American Chemical Abstracts and Guangxi outstanding scientific journal.

4. Strong Faculty 

Guilin Medical University set up Basic Medical College, Clinical Medical College, Nanxi Mountain Clinical Medical College, the Second Clinical Medical College, School of Medicine, College of Biotechnology, School of Nursing, School of Continuing Education, International Education, Medical Laboratory, Department of Stomatology, Department of Preventive Medicine and Humanities and Social Sciences and Management College, University Foreign Languages Department, the Ministry of Sports 16 secondary colleges. The school has staff and medical staff of more than 3200 people, there are 738 full-time teachers in the series, 134 teachers with high title, 313 associate professors, 60.6% of them have senior professional titles, 125 teachers and 325 teachers with master's degree, and 60.9% teachers with Master's degree or above. 182 doctoral tutor, master of tutor of 182 people, enjoy special government allowances of the State Council experts 7 people, the outstanding teachers, outstanding educators 5 people, 1 autonomous regions outstanding experts, autonomous regions have outstanding contributions to science and  technology personnel, , 4 Autonomous region excellent teachers, 3 Guangxi "new century ten thousand talents project" second level candidates, 4 Guangxi University teaching teacher, 2 Guangxi talent small highland innovation team leaders.

5. Great Medical library

Guilin Medical University library has collection of clinical medicine, pharmacy, biotechnology, medical examination, nursing and other disciplines and related disciplines and application of the basic theory of the focus on paper books 64.88 million copies, 230,000 e-books, More than 2062 kinds of foreign newspapers. In the electronic literature, the library has purchased OVID LWW, Elsevier MD Consult, EBSCO Dentistry and Oral Sciences Source, EBSCO CINAHL, Springer Link, ProQuest Medical Library, MEDLINE, the Chinese Journal of Medical Sciences, , 25 databases of Chinese and foreign languages, including self-built CD-ROM database, Guilin Medical College curriculum bibliography, medical teaching picture database, medical science and technology new search database .

School-sponsored "Chinese medicine" is approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the State Press and Publication Administration, is the comprehensive evaluation of Chinese academic journals database source journals, "China Journal Net" and "Wanfangdata - Digital Journal Group" full text online journals, American Chemical Abstracts journals and Guangxi excellent scientific journals. The main columns are on, clinical research, experience exchange, investigation and study, diagnosis and treatment of new technologies, reviews, lectures and short stories.

6. Scientific Research

Guilin Medical University established 1 National Key Laboratory of Chinese Medicine (Laboratory of Pharmacology of Chinese Materia Medica), 1 Key Laboratory of Chinese Medicine (Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology), 1 Key Laboratory of Key Laboratory of Autonomous Region (Guangxi Key Laboratory of Liver Injury and Repair Molecular Medicine Laboratory training base), 5 Guangxi University Key Laboratory (medicine biotechnology laboratory, pathological morphology laboratory, respiratory disease laboratory, preventive medicine laboratory, pharmacognosy laboratory).

The school has undertaken a total of 901 research projects, including 97 state-level projects, 197 provincial and ministerial level projects, 35 scientific and technological achievement awards at all levels (4 provincial and 31 municipal level) 39 items. Published 4409 academic papers, of which 89 foreign academic journals (SCI and EI included 72 papers), and 1554 Chinese core journals.

7. Affiliated Hospitals

Guilin Medical University has 6 directly affiliated hospitals: The Affiliated Hospital of Guilin Medical University,The Second Affiliated Hospital, The Affiliated Nanxi Hospital , The Third People’s Hospital of Guilin, The Third People’s Hospital of Guilin, The Affiliated Wuzhou Red Corss Hospital. In addition, it has 22 clinical teaching hospitals and more than 80 teaching practice bases.

8. International Cooperation

Guilin Medical University accommodates Chinese and International students from Southeast Asia namely Nepal, India, Pakistan, Vietnam and Thailand under the undergraduate (majors) and graduate degrees at present. Successfully established international exchanges and cooperation with many countries such as United States, Australia, Vietnam, Thailand and other universities to enhance inter-school friendship and development. Keo Bun Thoeum, Consul of Cambodia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and LY Chcheng, President of Bertai International University, visited Guilin Medical College in 2015. Alan Miller, vice president of the University of South Carolina, visited Guilin Medical College and held a forum in 2016.


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