Guilin University of Electronic Technology

Why Study at Guilin University of Electronic Technology, China

Guilin University of Electronic Technology is located in the historical and cultural city, Guilin in Guangxi province. It is a university co-buliding by Ministry of Industry and Guangxi zhuang autonomous region government. It is one of the selected universities of China Midwest university infrastructure project and one of the key construction universities in Guangxi zhuang autonomous region.

(1) History

Guilin University of Electronic Technology was founded in 1960. In 1980, it was approved by the State Council and established Guilin Institute of Electronic Technology. In 2006, changed its name into Guilin University of Electronic Technology. The school has been subordinate to the fourth Ministry of machinery industry, the Ministry of electronics industry, the Ministry of machinery and electronics industry, the China Electronics Industry Corporation and the Ministry of information industry. In 2000, the management system was changed into central and local governments co-construction, focus on local management. In 1990, the General Secretary of the Communist Party of China Jiang Zemin at that time, visited the school and wrote an inscription: “To train more qualified personnel for the development of the electronics industry”.

(2) Campus overview

Guilin University of Electronic Technology now has four campus: Jinjiling campus, Liuhe Road campus, Huajiang campus and Beihai campus, separately located in Guilin National High-tech Development Zone, Guilin Yaoshan Scenic Area, Yinhai District in Beihai City. The total area of the Guilin University of Electronic Technology is 4153 mu. School library construction area is more than 45 thousand square meters. There are 1.86 million paper books, 1.50 million electronic books, 32 high quality foreign language academic databases, 42 Chinese databases, 34997 foreign and Chinese Periodicals (including electronic periodicals). It has advanced network information platform and intelligent campus platform.

(3) Scientific research

Guilin University of Electronic Technology has undertaken major national science and technology support program, national "973" key projects, major projects of national 863 program, the National Natural Science Fund Project and the National Natural Science Fund major instrument project, the national key research program, and the National Social Science Fund commissioned projects, etc.

In the past five years, 306 state-level research projects have been added, 2060 papers have been published in SCI and EI, and 112 academic books have been published. The school has long been engaged in national defense scientific research, and is one of the 30 universities in the General equipment department communication equipment pre research project, and is one of the universities authorized by the Beidou ICD. It has also undertaken the military "973 Plan", the military model, advanced weapons and equipment, national defense key technologies and other national defense research projects. In the past five years, the school has won 83 awards at provincial and ministerial level.

(4) Communication and international cooperation

Guilin University of Electronic Technology has established good cooperative relations with more than 150 universities and academic institutions in Asia, Europe, America, Oceania and Africa, and has established strategic partnerships with 80 universities. Actively participate in international cooperation research, and participated in the "European Union seventh scientific and technological framework" as a core member.  Every year, more than 40 foreign experts and teachers are invited to the school for teaching and research, and more than 40 teachers are assigned to study abroad, participate in international academic exchanges and carry out scientific research cooperation. 


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