Hangzhou Normal University

Why Study at Hangzhou Normal University, China

Founded as a teacher training school in 1908, Hangzhou Normal University has a long history of over 100 years, which has bestowed the institution with a glorious tradition of producing first-rate teachers and educators at different levels for the whole Chinese nation. Through a century’s development, the University has now become a comprehensive institution of higher education with a full spectrum of disciplines, covering such areas as arts and sciences, humanities, education, music, engineering, information technology, business, law, medicine and nursing.

1. History

1906: Came into existence as Zhejiang Dual-Level Normal School

1978: Renamed as Hangzhou Teachers College

2007: Reestablished as Hangzhou Normal University with the amalgamation of a number of institutions, including Hangzhou School of Education and Hangzhou Senior Medical School since 2000.

2. Overview of Campus

Hangzhou Normal University currently has 4 campuses, all located in Hangzhou, a world-famous tourist resort reputed for its breath-taking natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. In the fall of 2013, HNU moved to a new campus, which, with “Cangqian” as its name, is adjacent to the picturesque Xixi National Wetland Park in the western part of Hangzhou.

3. Strong Disciplines and Programs

Hangzhou Normal University, as an comprehensive institution of higher education with a glorious tradition in teacher training and a wide spectrum of disciplines in philosophy, literature, history, education, economics, law, management, arts, science, engineering and medicine, Hangzhou Normal University currently offers about 60 undergraduate programs and over 80 graduate programs conducted in its 2 faculties and 19 schools. It boasts quite a few strong disciplines, such as Condensed Matter Physics, Biology, Organic Chemistry, Music, Curriculum and Teaching Theories, Modern and Contemporary Chinese History, Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature, Zoology, Health Care Management and a number of National Programs with Distinctive Features, which include biology, primary education, chemistry, and computer science and technology. Its total enrollment in 2011 includes over 20,000 full-time undergraduate students and over 1,600 graduate students, who have been receiving a distinctive quality education that will enable them to build a future of professional, intellectual and personal success, capable of leadership in different areas, whether it be political, cultural, economic or academic.

4. Scientific Research and Great Achievements

While maintaining its honored tradition of excellence in education, the University has been attaching equal importance to research, with a faculty capable of undertaking research projects in different areas, both basic and applied, to address pressing issues and challenges in economic development and social progress of today and in the future for the region, the nation and the world.

Thanks to the exceptionally strong support from governments at different levels in China, Hangzhou Normal University has in the past few years been making remarkable advancement towards its goal of developing into an institution on a par with the 1st-rate ones in the nation whose education, research and service are of reputable excellence and high distinction not only locally but also globally. To achieve such an ambitious goal, the University has been making painstaking efforts in globalization, by forming partnerships with universities, research institutions, governmental organizations and industries from different parts of the world, by engaging and retaining outstanding scholars with international fame to offer courses to its students here, by encouraging its students to study abroad and at the same time welcoming students from abroad to its campuses here, by supporting its faculty members to collaborate with international counterparts in various academic projects.

5. International Communication and Cooperation

With a strong commitment to internationalization, Hangzhou Normal University has been making exceptional efforts to develop exchange and collaboration with international partners, which takes the forms of mutual visits of faculty and students, cooperative research, joint organization of conferences, workshops and seminars, joint tutoring of graduate students, and joint publication of research achievements in reputed international journals. The university and its subsidiary schools and departments now have academic links with more than 50 universities and research institutions in 14 countries and regions around the world.

 6. Brief Introduction of Hangzhou Normal University School of Medicine

Hangzhou Normal University School of Medicine is located in the Higher Education Zone in Xiasha, Hangzhou, with a total of 35,041 square meters teaching experiment rooms. It has 8 departments: basic medicine, clinical medicine, nursing, health management, preventive medicine, oral medicine, health service management and pharmacy; 1 comprehensive affiliated hospital and 7 indirectly affiliated hospital.


Hangzhou Normal University School of Medicine was founded in 1979. In 1994, the school changed its name to Hangzhou Medical College; in 2001, it was incorporated into Hangzhou Normal University, setting up a medical school; in 2004, it was divided into four institutes: clinical medicine school, nursing school, health management school and basic medicine department; in 2013, the above-mentioned “three schools and one department” were merged and founded a new medical school.

Discipline Construction

There are more than 2,980 students in Hangzhou Normal University School of Medicine. The school has 7 bachelor degree programs and 3 master degree programs for international students. The undergraduate program of nursing is a key program. In addition, the school has two key research institutions: the institute of smart health research and the institute of aging research. 

Excellent Faculty

Hangzhou Normal University School of Medicine owns advanced teaching and research facilities and has a good academic environment. There are staffs of more than 280 at Hangzhou Normal University School of Medicine, over 217 of them are academic faculty members and 50 of them are professors or associate professors. The school also has more than 10 well-known professors.


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