Hangzhou Normal University

Internship Hospitals - Hangzhou Normal University School of Medicine, China

Hangzhou Normal University School of Medicine now has 1 affiliated hospital and 7 indirectly affiliated hospitals. The affiliated hospital is the Second People’s Hospital of Hangzhou, which is a combination of medical treatment, scientific research and teaching, prevention and health care. All of these hospitals fulfill their functions and perform their duties in clinical treatment, teaching, research and courses of study.

The Second People’s Hospital of Hangzhou

The Second People’s Hospital of Hangzhou was founded in 1949, which was also called the Hangzhou Normal University Affiliated Hospital. It is a three level of first-class comprehensive hospital, with dual task of clinical medical treatment and medical teaching. It is a conferrable spot of specialized master degree of clinical medicine, approved by the academic degrees committee under the State Council. It is also a national drug clinical trial institution, the first batch of national base for resident standardization training and the first postdoctoral work units in Zhejiang province.

It now has 450 beds, 679 staffs. It also has complete hospital departments and strong medical teaching strength, including 40 outpatient departments, 8 medical department, 18 inpatient areas, 10 teaching and research sections, 1 branch and 3 medical aid posts. 

The hospital has built relationships of cooperation and exchange with more than ten famous foreign medical institutions which come mainly from the United States, Australia, Britain, Germany, Canada, Japan, etc, and become an international medical cooperating model of the hospitals in Hangzhou.




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