Hebei University

Why Study at Hebei University, China

As the only key comprehensive university co-established by the Province and the Ministry in Hebei Province, Hebei University is vested with great importance in the region. It leads the way in the development of higher education in Hebei province. Presently Hebei University is a compound of the Old Campus, the New Campus and the Medical School. Taking up an area of 192 hectares or so, and a building area of 1,000,000 square meters, Hebei University boasts of its beautiful campus sceneries and excellent facilities. The library has a collection of 3,900,000 books and documents, ranking the first of its kind in the province. Hebei University museum houses 8,000 antiques and 120,000,000 specimens of plants and animals, which makes it a first class university museum nationwide. The university press is the only one of its kind in the province. As one of the top hospitals in Hebei province, its affiliated hospital has a history of more than 100 years and covers medical care, teaching, research, prevention care, and rehabilitation training.
1. History 
Hebei University was originally founded by French Jesuits in Tianjin in 1921, with the initial name “Tianjin Commercial University”. From 1921 till 1960, the name of the university was changed four times, from Tianjin Commercial College to Jingu University, then to Tianjin Normal College, then to Tianjin Normal University. In 1960, the university is reformed as a Comprehensive University and named as Hebei University. 3 years after Tianjin was upgraded as autonomous municipality, Hebei University was moved to Baoding in 1970.
2. Discipline and programs 
As a comprehensive university, Hebei University offers a variety of courses covering a wide range of fields, including Philosophy, Economics, Law, Education, Literature, History, Science and Technology, Engineering, Medicine and Management. The 30 colleges and 5 teaching departments of the university provide undergraduate programs in 87 majors, which cover 11 fields except agriculture science. The university awards master’s degrees in 40 first level disciplines except military science. It also awards professional master degrees in 19 disciplines, being the first in the province to experiment in professional master degree programs. In addition, the university awards doctor’s degrees in optical engineering, chemistry, Chinese language and literature, philosophy, history, management, engineering, communication studies. The 37 doctor degree programs cover philosophy, literature, economics, law, education, history, natural science, engineering and management.
3. Academic facilities and scientific research 
Hebei University has assembled a teaching faculty well known for its intellectual vigor, among which there are quite a few accomplished scholars and experts. There are a total of 3,372 teaching and administrative employees, of who 1,910 are doing teaching and research work, including 417 professors and 722 associate professors. In addition to these eminent scholars, the university also boasts a staff of talented young teachers who are beginning to display their talents in their own academic fields. They are the backbone of teaching and research. There is more than 3,300 teaching staff in the university, 1/4 of who hold doctor’s degrees. The number of undergraduates reaches 41,000, while the number of graduate students and doctorate candidates is 5,500.
4. Great achievements 
Since the establishment of Hebei Province Social Sciences outstanding achievement award, two are included, which are “collected works of Qixia” and “Textual research on Chinese difficult characters”. Natural science research in computer technology, optics and materials physics, plasma physics, analytical chemistry, polymer chemistry and physics, zoology, pharmaceutical chemistry, electronic and information technology research has a domestic advanced level. The number of scientific papers recorded by three major international search systems has been at the forefront of the province. And the number of papers included in SCIE and IE is the country’s top 100 colleges and Universities. At present our university has 1 key laboratory constructed by Ministry of education and Hebei province, 8 provincial key laboratories, 1 provincial level applied basic research base, 2 provincial engineering technology center. 
5. Communication and international cooperation 
Hebei University attaches great importance to international cooperation and exchanges. It has established friendly relations with more than 60 universities and educational and research institutions from other countries, such as the United States, Canada, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Britain, France, Ireland, Brazil, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Mongolia, Sudan. 
Hebei University boasts a strong academic atmosphere and active academic exchanges. Every year, hundreds of international and national conferences are being held, and hundreds of experts and scholars from more than ten countries are teaching, giving lectures, or doing cooperative researches in the university. All this has contributed to the increasing of our influence in the academic circle. In recently years, the university has held a series of high-level international conferences, which have widened our horizon into the international scene and maintained a high profile. These events in turn enhance the strong academic atmosphere and bring more research opportunities.
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