Heilongjiang University

Overseas Students at Heilongjiang University, China

Overseas students live a relaxed and healthy lifestyle studying at Heilongjiang University. They can develop friendship with many students from different countries and teacher, and join in colorful activities in campus. Heilongjiang University provides a good learning environment for international students. With standard Chinese language environment, international students can learn standard Chinese culture and language here. There are currently as many as 757 international students enrolled at Heilongjiang University.

Since 1980, Heilongjiang University has recruited international bachelor, master and doctoral students from all over the world. Near 10000 international students have studied at Heilongjiang University since 1981. They have come from Japan, South Korea, Russia, America, Great Britain, Germany and many other countries. Heilongjiang University has substantive cooperation and exchanges with 140 colleges worldwide. These include the UK's Leeds University and Bradford University, the University of Illinois, USA, the University of Paris X, France, Hunan University, South Korea and Japan's Niigata University, and so on.



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