Henan Polytechnic University

Why Study at Henan Polytechnic University, China

Brief Introduction

Henan Polytechnic University (HPU) is the first mining university in Chinese history as well as earliest higher college in Henan province, Its former is Jiaozuo Coal Mining School which was established by the British Syndicate Co.Ltd., in 1909. HPU is even elected in the National Basic Ability Construction Project of Western and Central China, the Plan for Educating and Training Outstanding Engineers and A-Level University of Undergraduate Teaching Assessed by the National Ministry of Education. HPU is located in Jiaozuo City, a newly-developing industrial and national excellent tourism city. Jiaozuo City is in the northwest of Henan Province. It stands at the southern foot of Taihang Mountain and on the north bank of the Yellow River. It is bordered with Zhengzhou, the capital city of Henan Province on the south bank of Yellow River. Jiaozuo is rich in natural landscape and humanity landscape. The deep historical and cultural accumulation and scenery provide HPU with a wonderful humane and social environment.

1. History

Henan Polytechnic University was founded by the British Syndicate Co.Ltd,. in 1909 with the former name Jiaozuo Coal Mining School. In 2004, it renamed as Henan Polytechnic University. Over a century history,  it witnessed the flourishing education development. The great educator Cai Yuanpei, the famous geologist Weng Wen-hao, the mining mogul Sun Yue-qi served as the board of directors, executive director, honorary president and chairman. Zhang Zhong-lu, Zhang Qing-lian, Ding Guan-hai, Zhang Bo-sheng and many other overseas scholars, professors taught in university and served as leadership positions successively. Under their leadership, the university became the excellent one in Chinese higher education.

2. Discipline and Programs

Henan Polytechnic University has developed into an interdisciplinary coordinated development of teaching and research university which covered nine discipline categories(science, engineering, management, literature, laws, economy, education, arts and medicine). It focused on the field of engineering, characterized in security and geological minerals, and balanced on science, economy, management, liberal arts and etc. At present, it owns 22 colleges and school, 1 independent college, offers 75 undergraduate programs, 18 first-level discipline postgraduate programs, 119 second-level discipline postgraduate programs, 4 professional master programs(MEng, MBA, MPA and MTCSOL), 4 first-level discipline doctoral programs and 32 second-level discipline doctoral programs. Till the first half of 2017, there were 31,900 undergraduate students, 5100 postgraduate students and 80 overseas students.

3. Academic Facilities and Scientific Research

Henan Polytechnic University passed through a century development, it has a good harvest in academic facilities and scientific researches. There are over 2600 faculty, including 12  academicians, 3 national talents project candidates, 5 experts of the Recruitment Program of Global Experts, 1 Changjiang scholar, and over 200 national or provincial excellent lectures, and 600 professors and association professors. To cultivate more high-quality talents, it invested 525 millions for teaching and scientific research instruments, built 5 national experimental teaching demonstration centers and university science park and students innovation base. Even more, it established 56 scientific research platforms based on Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Education, provincial key labs and engineering centers, etc. In the four campuses, there are many excellent disciplines, such as 2 provincial characteristic advanced disciplines, 21 provincial first-level key disciplines, 10 national characteristic programs, etc. HPU library is a comprehensive collection system with diversified medium of data and documentation resources covering science, engineering, management, liberal arts, law, economy and teaching in the development of more than one hundred years. Besides, it is an effective modern library possessing plentiful documents.

HPU library consists of North part and South part, covering an area of 28,000 square meters together. HPU library contains 211.5 million Chinese paper books and foreign language paper books in all, 213.5 million kinds of digital books, more than 50 Chinese and foreign language databases, more than 10,000 kinds of Chinese journals and over 2,000 kinds of foreign language journals at present.

4. Great Achievement

Henan Polytechnic University has formed its idea of running school “Educate People and Advocate Academic” and founded the spirit of “Learn Eagerly and Act Diligently”. The university has carried on its excellent traditional thoughts of “Work Hard and Achieve Pragmatic Results, Love China and Love HPU”. The deep cultural accumulation through 100 years and rich education experience laid a solid foundation for its rapid development. There are 87 academic achievements in national or provincial level, 4 national prize for progress in science and technology and 176 provincial scientific honors. The strong program background in Safety Science and Engineering has made it rank 5 in Chinese discipline evaluation. Hundred years of hard work bred today’s fragrant blossoms. Since its establishment, the university has cultivated more than 13 senior specialized personnel for the country. Most graduates become the backbone in their units; many people have become well-known experts, scholars, academicians and served as the provincial, city and large enterprise leadership positions.

5. Communication and International Cooperation

Henan Polytechnic University devotes itself to promoting international academic exchanges and cooperation with institutions of higher education of foreign countries. Since 1980s, it has established sisterhood relationship with 30 countries and more than 60 universities and research institutions in USA, UK, France, Canada, Australia, Poland, Russia, Japan, Korea, etc and had made great achievements in teachers exchange, students exchange, scientific research and academic cooperation. In 2012, the cooperative programs at Undergraduate Level in Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering  between HPU and NCATSU began the first admission; in 2013, it cooperated with University of Limerick for admitting the undergraduate programs. In the diploma level cooperation, the cooperative programs in Environmental Technology and Architectural Technology between HPU and Loyalist College of Applied Arts and Technology also recruited students. To the overseas students, it offered undergraduate and postgraduate programs, short-term and long-term training programs for studying at HPU. There are nearly 80 international students in HPU for pursuing these programs.


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