Jiamusi University

Why Study at Jiamusi University, China

Jiamusi University - the Eastern talents’ cultivating base in China – locates in Jiamusi city (the earliest zone to welcome sunrise in China, the charming city with optimum ecological environment) in Heilongjiang Province in China. The university has been founded in 1947, and with 67 years’ development and construction, the university has been found its way into the list of high-level universities given top priority by Heilongjiang Government.  Jiamusi University has now become a key comprehensive university under the Education Department of Heilongjiang Province which is larger in scale and is more formidable with integrated strength.

(1) History

Jiamusi University was founded in1947 as the former Hejiang military healthy cadre school. In 1995, Jiamusi medical school, Jiamusi Institute of Technology, Jiamusi Normal College and Original Jiamusi University merge into Ningbo University to be a new Ningbo University. Jiamusi medical school was founded in 1947 as the former Hejiang military healthy cadre school. Jiamusi Institute of Technology was founded in 1958 as the first undergraduate colleges based on agricultural machinery. Jiamusi Normal College was founded in 1949 and Original Jiamusi University was founded in1985.

(2) Discipline and programs

Covering an area of 1.49 million square meters with the construction area of 670,000 square meters contained, the university has 26 colleges and 66 research institutes. In the case of specialty setting, the disciplines involve 11 fields.  It has 75 majors of Undergraduate Degree, 2 First Level Authorized Doctor’s Degree subjects, 36 Master Degree programs, and 2 Post Doctoral Scientific Research Workstation.  Among them, there are 3 state-level special majors,11 province-level key majors, 9 province-level key subjects, three key laboratories at the provincial level, 4 provincial demonstration experimental centers, and 14 provincial quality courses. There are 24,945 full-time students including 23,569 undergraduate students, 1376 postgraduate students, more than 800 international students.

(3) Academic facilities and scientific research 

Jiamusi University currently employs over 4821 faculty members, including more than 1586 professors. Jiamusi University has a largest library at the area of over 37,000 m2, has a collection of over 2.98 million and 1600 items of periodical publication. There are one engineering research centers of Ministry of Education, 3 provincial and ministerial level key laboratories, 6 Provincial Scientific Research Centers and 69 University Research Institutes.  Research Centre for Wear-Resistant Metal Materials and Surface Engineering Technology under the Ministry of Education, a Training Base for Rehabilitation Personnel under the Ministry of Health, an Oversea Study to Russia Training Center under the Ministry of Education, a Medical Training Centre for GP of Heilongjiang Province,  a Centre for Sino-Russia Scientific and Technological Cooperation with Jiamusi, Heilongjiang Province, and A R& D Center of  Wear-Resistant Metal Materials Constructed by Heilongjiang Provincial Higher Education’s Institutes and Enterprises , all have established at Jiamusi University. 

(4) Great achievements

Jiamusi University holds National Projects “Project 973” and “Project 863”, the National Projects for Natural Science Fund, the National Projects for Social Science Fund and the National Science-Supporting Programs, and also multiple projects supported by Health Ministry, Education Ministry and State Ethnic Affairs Commission. Three journals openly published in the nation and abroad are Social Science Journal of Jiamusi University, Natural Science Journal of Jiamusi University, and Journal of Heilongjiang Pharmaceutical Science. In recent years, Jiamusi University gets about 1174 items of all kind of projects rewards, including 32 items of national projects. Jiamusi University published a total of 5877 academic papers, including 428 in SCI, SSCI, EI, ISTP, and CSSCI. There are 474 units of monographs publicized and 58 items of national patents granted. Jiamusi University was obtained a total of 253 items of awards at all levels of science and technology achievement. 

(5) Communication and international cooperation 

Jiamusi University has been adhering to the open model of running a university and  has established friendly relationships and educational, academic, and scientific exchanges and research with  39 colleges and universities in more than 14 countries and regions such as the US, Japan, Russia, South Korea, India and Pakistan. With the scholarship project for foreign students' study commissioned by the Chinese government, the university has enrolled more than 900 foreign students from 50 countries and regions.

(6) Jiamusi University School of Medicine

As a basic department of Jiamusi Medical College, Jiamusi University Basic Medical College was established in 1947. In 1980 the college began post-graduate education. In 1981 it became one of the first universities authorized by the central government to confer bachelor's degree. In 1986 it was entitled to grand master's degree. Basic Medical College takes charge of 17 specialized core courses. It has enrolled 320 India and Pakistan students in medical specialty, meanwhile being in charge of 15 courses for science degree masters and specialized degree masters.

Basic Medical College is a second-rank administrative college, consisting of 4 comprehensive laboratories and 13 teaching and research sections, which are divided into 7 departments and 1 center for the promotion of interaction and mutual cooperation among various subjects. Under its administration there are 2 provincial key disciplines, 1 provincial demonstration center for basic medical experimental teaching, 7 university key disciplines, 5 disciplines authorized to confer master degree, 1 provincial exquisite course, 5 university exquisite courses, 1 university research innovative team, 1 university personnel training mode experimental plot, and 3 university teaching teams.

The college has undertaken 1 National 973 Sub-topic, 5 National Natural Sciences Fund projects and 15 Provincial Natural Sciences Fund projects. 1 second prize for National Teaching Achievement and 32 Provincial Achievement Awards have been achieved. The teachers have published 29 papers included in SCI and edited 35 state-level teaching materials or monographs.

Jiamusi University School of Medicine has three affiliated hospitals: First Affiliated Hospital of Jiamusi University, The Affiliated Stomatology Hospital of Jiamusi University (The Second Affiliated Hospital) and the Third Affiliated Hospital. These affiliated hospitals enjoy high reputation and provide students abundant medical practice or rotation.


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