Jiangsu University

Canteens in Jiangsu University, China

Jiangsu University has about ten canteens all around the campus offering delicious and different kinds of food for international students. The canteens are: Student Canteens (I), (II), (III), (IV), (VI), Fenghuayuan Canteen, Faculty Canteen, Mengxi Canteen, Beigu Canteen and Zhongshan Canteen. There are also some cafés in the campus including Runjiangyuan Café and Bainian Suyun Café offering coffee, tea, fruit juice and simple fast food. There is 1 Muslim Canteen (on the 2nd floor of Fenghuayuan Canteen) offering Muslim food for International students. Besides, public kitchen can also be used for international students to cook delicious food in the dormitory. Self-supplied public Heating Room is available on each floor of the Overseas Exchange Building. 

Jiangsu University is highly praised for the cheap, clean and various kinds of food. Many restaurants surrounding Jiangsu University provide meal delivery as well. Zhenjiang is a city noted for gourmet food, and there are many restaurants for local flavors on/around our campus. 
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