Jiangxi University of Engineering

Why Study at Jiangxi University of Engineering, China

Jiangxi Institute of Engineering was founded in 1983. Over the past 36 years since its establishment, the school has made remarkable achievements by focusing on innovative university-running concepts and concise university-running characteristics.
Jiangxi Institute of Engineering bathes in the spring breeze of reform and opening up, born in the market, grows up in the market. Starting from vocational and technical training, Xinyu Electronic Technology School was established in 1988, and Jiangxi Yuzhou Electronic Industry College was established in 1992, in 1997, it was listed among the first batch of pilot colleges for National Diploma examination of higher education in Jiangxi Province. In 2001, with the approval of Jiangxi Provincial People's Government and keep on record in the Ministry of Education, Jiangxi Yuzhou Vocational College of Science and Technology was established and was promoted to an ordinary university with the qualification of independently issuing diploma of higher education and being included in the national enrollment plan for ordinary colleges and universities. In 2014, it was approved by the Ministry of Education to be upgraded to Jiangxi University of Engineering with undergraduate level. The university has formed a specialty system featuring mainly engineering and electronic information technology, and coordinated development of economy, management, art and literature. It has created a "Xinyu phenomenon, Jianggong effect" in the field of vocational education.
(2)Discipline and programs
Jiangxi University of Engineering has 11 schools and 4 teaching departments. The campus covers an area of 2060 mu with a construction area of 450000 square meters. At present, 51 diploma programs and 23 undergraduate programs have been approved, including Electronic Information Engineering Technology, Computer Application Technology, Applied Electronic Technology, Engineering Cost, Applied Technology of Internet of Things, Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation, CNC Technology, Mechatronics Technology (Building Intelligence Direction), Vehicle Detection and Maintenance Technology, Mold Design and Manufacture, Accounting, Construction Engineering Technology, Computer Cloud Technology, Internet of Things Finance, New Energy Automotive Engineering Technology, Photoelectric Applied Technology, Material Engineering Technology, Film and Television Animation, Visual Communication Design and Production, Mobile Interconnection Applied Technology, E-commerce, Business Administration, Marketing, Business English, International.etc.
(3)Academic facilities and Scientific research
At present, Jiangxi University of Engineering has more than 15,000 students, over 900 faculty members and more than 60% of them have intermediate and senior titles.
The university carries out integration of program and industry, integration of curriculum and frontier scientific research, integration of teaching and research, union of college and enterprise, integration of teaching and student participation. In December 2014, experts from the Ministry of Education came to the school and gave a high appraisal of its characteristics.        
(4)Jiangxi University of Engineering Achievement
Jiangxi University of Engineering has established various research institutes such as research institutes of Internet + Industry, Internet Finance, Environment and Energy, Intelligent Machinery, Robotics, etc. and has built Xinyu intelligent robot, the Key Laboratory of 3D printing three-dimensional molding. This year, the university will apply for the provincial key laboratory.
Relying on the provincial university science park - Xiannv Lake Science Park, the university has achieved significant transformation and innovation in production, teaching and research. In 2018, a historic breakthrough was made in the establishment of key projects of the National Social Science Foundation. There were 15 universities in Jiangxi Province, of which only 6 were key universities.
Jiangxi University of Engineering independently develops high-altitude and high-definition video real-time transmission aerial camera UAV, successfully wining the bid for the Welcome Robot Project in the Business Hall of Jiangxi Mobile Company. For four consecutive years, the university participated in the first exhibition of China - Shenzhen Hi-Tech Fair on behalf of universities in Jiangxi Province,. The multi-angle free beauty robot and the chess robot with industrial manipulator won the excellent product award in the Hi-Tech Fair.
Jiangxi University of Engineering is the only university in China participated in 2017 World Internet Conference. Ten enterprises have signed strategic cooperation agreements with the university in the first docking meeting of scientific and technological achievements of colleges and universities in Jiangxi Province. It is the first to develop intelligent dragon boat in China, which was reported by CCTV, providing scientific and technological support for enterprises, transforming 186 scientific research achievements, and creating economic benefits of more than 20 million CNY.
(5)Communication and international cooperation
Jiangxi University of Engineering has signed 2+1 or 3+1 joint agreements with universities in the United States, UK, South Korea, Thailand and Australia, etc, carrying out various programs, such as senior high school graduates study bachelor and master degree, junior college graduates study bachelor and master degree, postgraduates study doctoral/PhD degree. Over 90 students have been awarded USA YI Education Fund. A number of foreign experts and professors have been employed. Teachers are organized to study abroad and participate in international academic communication. Jiangxi University of Engineering has an increasingly obvious international characteristic.


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