Jiangxi University of Engineering

Canteens in Jiangxi University of Engineering, China

Several campus canteens are available at Jiangxi University of Engineering, Jihuo Canteen has quite good dining environment and delicious cuisines, which is very popular among international students. Foreign students can have dinner party in restaurants on front street and canteens on back street have the most varieties of dishes and snacks. Zhongxin canteen and Tiangong dining room are also highly praised by overseas students. The canteens on campus charge reasonable price, so the living cots here is affordable. 
Apart from Chinese restaurants, international students also have access to fast food and western restaurant inside or near the campus. Public kitchen is also available in international student’s dormitory. Foreign students can buy food and vegetables in nearby supermarkets and cook by themselves in public kitchen. Overseas students can also have Muslim food near the campus.

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