Liaoning Technical University

Overseas Students at Liaoning Technical University, China

International students at Liaoning Technical University enjoy colorful campus life and harmonious living environment here. They can enjoy extensive sporting facilities at campus, including basketball, volleyball, tennis, football courts and gym. And there are many handy services right on campus for international students, such as banking, post, medical, supermarket and laundry. At present, there are more than 269 international students enrolled at Liaoning Technical University. 

Liaoning Technical University always adheres to the way of internationalization, and open-minded education. The university successively established close intercollegiate contact and academic exchange relations with many colleges, universities and research institutes of more than 10 countries, like the United States, Russia, Vietnam, Germany, Australia, South Africa, Japan, and so on. Liaoning Technical University has established a culture system fostering language students, undergraduates, postgraduates, doctoral students, and other multi-level, multi-categories students.


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