Liaoning Technical University

Scholarships in Liaoning Technical University, China for International Student

Liaoning Technical University offers several scholarships to excellent international students to help attract distinguished international students to study and do research here. These scholarships are also designed to encourage international students to work hard, develop good study habit, and maintain a positive attitude.

Liaoning Provincial Government Scholarship

Excellent international students who wish to pursue doctoral degrees at Liaoning Technical University can apply for Liaoning Provincial Government Scholarship. But applicants shouldn’t receive other tuition scholarship funds at same time.

Liaoning Technical University Scholarship

Excellent international students who study at Liaoning Technical University meet following requirements can apply for Liaoning Technical University scholarship. First, Applicants must abide by Chinese law and university regulations. Second, Applicants should adopt a considerate view towards China, its customs and sovereign issues. Third, Applicants should conduct themselves with integrity and behave in an ethical and moral manner and respect teachers, classroom rules and fellow students. Forth, Applicants should have excellent scores and complete all course work in accordance with required specifications and not being punished. Fifth, actively participate in any activities held by school. Sixth, first year bachelor, master and doctoral students shall be evaluated in accordance with standards for advance students.



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