Soochow University Medical College

Medical Internship at Medical College of Soochow University, China

Medical Internship at Medical College of Soochow University has 17 affiliated hospital (among which 3 are directly affiliated hospital), more than 100 teaching and practice base. These affiliated hospitals provide the best practice condition for internship.

For MBBS programs, the last year is for internship or rotation after 5 years’ theory study. Internship is of great importance since the practicality of medicine, which is compulsory to acquire MBBS. Internship is a important step for international students to get big improvement in skills of clinical medicine.

The length of schooling for students majoring in Clinical Medicine is normally 6 years. Among the total, basic courses take six semesters and professional courses take four semesters. And the last two semesters is for internship.


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