Yangzhou University Medical College

Why Study Medicine at Medical College of Yangzhou University, China

Medical College of Yangzhou University was founded in 1950. It is among the first batch of colleges across the country to establish the major of gynecology and obstetrics, and enroll undergraduates in the field of combined Chinese-Western medicine. It is also the only college setting up the major of clinical prevention and curing of dermatitis and venereal disease (VD). Since 1989, it is designated by the Ministry of Public Health as the base for cultivating professionals in preventing and curing dermatitis and VD, and by the Ministry of Justice as the base for cultivating professionals in penological medicine and restoring the mental health of criminals.

Five departments are established in the college, respectively clinical medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, basic nursing science, pharmacy, and basic medical sciences. Also established are teaching and experiment center of basic medical sciences and clinical medicine, 33 teaching and research divisions. The college includes 8 affiliated hospitals, such as Subei People’s Hospital of Jiangsu Province, Yangzhou No.1 People’s Hospital, etc.

1. History 

The history of Medical College of Yangzhou University can be traced back to as early as 1950, the predecessor of the college is Subei Health school, which was grown into Yangzhou in 1958 and then Yangzhou Medical College in 1984. In 1992, Yangzhou Medical College, together with other 5 college, was enrolled to found Yangzhou University and became Medical College of Yangzhou University.

2. Discipline Construction

Medical College of Yangzhou University consists of 5 bachelor’s degree programs including clinical medicine, traditional Chinese medical science, clinical discipline of Chinese and western integrative medicine, nursing and pharmacy. the professional emphasis of obstetrics and gynecology and dermatology and sexually transmitted diseases prevention which belong to clinical medicine have high influence in and out of Jiangsu province. From 2006, five-year international undergraduate professional in clinical medicine were enrolled who were taught using English only.

Medical College of Yangzhou University owns 1 first-level doctorate program(Chinese and western integrative medicine), 7 first-level master’s program(basic medical sciences, clinical medicine, nursing, preventive medicine, pharmaceutical sciences, Chinese and western integrative medicine, and Chinese material medic), 45 second-level master’s program(human anatomy and histoembryology, physiology, immunology, pathophysiology, pharmacology, internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, dermatology, and sexually transmitted diseases prevention, medical imaging and nuclear medicine, science of Chinese traditional medicine, basic and clinical discipline of Chinese and western integrative medicine, etc.) and two professional degree programs(clinical medicine and Chinese material medica). The college is one of the colleges that were authorized by ministry of education to enroll foreign undergraduate students of clinical discipline. The Chinese and western integrative medicine is the key discipline at provincial level. It possesses state-level endoscopy training center of ministry of health, and counseling psychology training base of the ministry of human resources and social security of china. For now, there are 2212 full-time undergraduate, master degree candidates and doctoral candidates and 284 overseas students in the college.  

Brand courses

1, pathogen biology

2, surgery pandect

3, obstetrics and gynecology

4, Histology and Embryology

5, pathology

6, Regional Anatomy

7, Human physiology - provincial brand course

8, Medical Immunology-School brand course

9, Biochemistry-School brand course

3. Research and Achievements

In recent years, more than 40 projects are supported by National High Technology Research and Development Program of China, National Key Basic Research Program, National Natural Science Foundation of China and Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province etc. Research areas in college mainly include clinical medicine, combined Chinese-Western medicine, tumor immunization, natural medicament, health toxicology, etc. Research in college is supported by state-of -art equipment, including facilities for cell culture, molecular and cellular biology,  molecular and cellular immunology, natural medicament extracting, purifying and analyzing, etc, which allow us to conduct research on topics at the frontier of medicine and life science.

Since the founding of YZU, the college has turned out more than 10,000 mid- and high-leveled professionals in the field of medicine and health care. They are working across the country and a considerable portion of them has become the backbone in their work units where they are highly appreciated for their keen inquiring nature, firm grasp of book knowledge, admirable ability to practice and plain style of behaviors.


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