Nanchang University

Overseas Students at Nanchang University, China

International Exchange College is one of the colleges of Nanchang University, which is a department of international cooperation projects and foreign students. The duties and tasks of the college are mainly included in the enrollment and management of all kinds of foreign students. Under the charge of International Exchange College of Nanchang University, there are more and more international students from different countries studying here. Until now, there are more than 770 international students studying and living here. International students take part in school activities actively, which makes the school life become more colorful and enhance the communication between China and other countries.

Nanchang University earnestly promotes international exchange and cooperation. It has maintained stable exchanges and cooperative relationships with about 60 universities and institutions in over 30 countries and regions. Nanchang University plays leading role in promoting regional culture and has made great efforts to push forward brand-culture construction and innovation.



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