North China University of Technology

Why Study at North China University of Technology

North China University of Technology (NCUT), located on the western side of Beijing, is a multi-disciplinary university that combines the natural sciences and engineering with liberal arts, economics, management and law. A quality education is the university’s lifeline. Teaching is a primary focus at NCUT and the center of its activities, while the university also emphasizes the importance of research and its contribution to the educational environment, address local needs, national needs and International needs. To achieve its long term targets, NCUT has 1260 faculty and staff, which include 748 teaching faculty of whom 85% hold Master’s and Doctoral degrees.
(1). History 
North China University of Technology (NCUT) was founded in 1946, rowing out of the former state-run Peking Advanced Vocational School of Technology, founded in1946, NCUT has undergone dramatic changes ever since. In 1978, with the approval of the State Council, NCUT began to offer full undergraduate degree programs. In1985, it was renamed as the North China University of Technology. North China University of Technology targets the development of qualified, high-level, application-oriented professionals with solid basic theoretical knowledge and strong practical skills and creative abilities.
(2). Discipline and programs
North China University of Technology (NCUT) currently includes 8 colleges with an enrollment of over 10,200 undergraduate students, 1500 graduate students, 200 international students, and 2400 students studying at the College of Continuing Education. Within these colleges there are 32 undergraduate degree programs, 19 Primary Discipline Master Degree programs which focus on academic research with three years study, and 11 Professional Master Programs which focus on practice and application with two years study. The undergraduate program offers a full range of undergraduate degrees; there are also numerous graduate degree programs, as well as continuing education programs. The academic education is complemented with moral, intellectual, physical and aesthetic training in order to build well-rounded students prepared to meet the challenges of modern society.
(3). Academic facilities and Scientific research 
North China University of Technology (NCUT) has always attached great importance to scientific research. The university’s Academic Committee and special scientific research administrative departments are responsible for organizing of various scientific research and academic exchange activities. So far we have set up research centers as follows: computer application research center, mechanical and electrical engineering research center, automatic control research center, intelligent transportation research center, Economy Law research center, economy research center, management research center, jurisprudence research center, language and culture research center, institute of architecture and design, etc. Now we have 1 Beijing Municipal Key Laboratory, 1 Beijing Municipal Higher Education Engineering Research Center and 7 Beijing Municipal Key Construction Disciplines.
(4). North China University of Technology Achievement
North China University of Technology (NCUT), through its promotion of learning and pursuit of research and creative practice, the University contributes to the advancement and integration of knowledge, professional skills and technology, along with their intelligent, sustainable and enterprising application for the benefit of humanity. In recent years, North China University of Technology has attained remarkable achievements in its research activities; it has undertaken about 40 research projects of the State Natural Sciences Foundations and “863 Projects”; over 200 key research projects at provincial and ministerial levels, and over 1000 joint research projects in cooperation with enterprises, among which over 70 projects have passed the technical appraisal at the provincial or ministerial level, over 50 projects have been awarded provincial or ministerial-level prizes ,and over 70 projects have been given the national patent rights. In addition, it has over 5000 academic papers and 220 monographs or translated works published.
(5). Communication and international cooperation
North China University of Technology (NCUT) is also active internationally through over 30 cooperative partnerships and exchanges. Partnerships had been established with universities in the USA, Japan, Germany, UK, France, Australia and New Zealand and elsewhere. North China University of Technology is qualified to accept international students, who may choose to study in short-term and long-term Chinese language programs or in undergraduate or master degree programs. North China University of Technology students participate in study abroad programs with partner universities through exchange programs or degree-seeking programs. The continuing trend toward globalization in higher education challenges North China University of Technology, its faculty, staff, administrators, and students, strive to become even more attractive to the educational environment, through both teaching and research.
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