North China University of Technology

Canteens in North China University of Technology

North China University of Technology has six canteens for the students, providing various dishes, cuisines and snacks. No.1 Canteen has two floors, offering various delicious Chinese food, such as marmite, hotpot and cold dishes. Various fruits and drinks are also available. Teppanyaki on the second floor enjoys high popularity among the students. No.2 Canteen is famous for Taiwan cuisines, such as braised pork rice. Noodles and dumplings are available. Besides, Chongqing hotpot is much favored by the students, especially in winter. No.3 Canteen is the favorite dining hall for students’ parties. No.4 Canteen provides various north style food. Located near No.3 Canteen is a Muslim canteen, not only providing delicious Halal food, but also the home of Muslim students.
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