Qinzhou University

Why Study at Qinzhou University, China

Brief Introduction

Qinzhou University (QU) is the only public university in the coastal area of Guangxi Province of China. It is located in Qinzhou, an Excellent tourism city in the center of the coastal area in Guangxi as well as the core industrial area of Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economic Zone. Qinzhou University is the only qualified University for senior seafarers’ education and training in Guangxi. In 2013, QU became one of the first council members of Application Technology University (College) Alliance under Ministry of Education of China. It has also become one of the pilot universities of “Sino-US applied Technology Education Program” since 2016. 

1. History

Qinzhou University was founded in 1973 as Qinzhou Normal College and upgraded to a comprehensive university in 2006. Covering 138 hectares, the newly-built campus, with avenues of green trees and patches of lush grass, are the ideal place for study and research. 

2. Discipline and Programs

At present, the university offers 43 undergraduate programs, including marine science, port logistic, shipping engineering, navigation technology, aquaculture, port mechanical, chemical engineering and technology craft, tourism management, environmental design, and so on. 

3. Academic Facilities and Scientific Research

At present, there are 680 full-time teachers, including 95 professors, 234 associate professors, 175 doctors, 336 masters, 5 doctoral supervisors, 40 master's supervisors, 1 “Bagui Scholar”, 4 provincial distinguished experts, 267 "double qualified" teachers. 

There is 1 Provincial Key Laboratory at Qinzhou University, namely, Key Laboratory of Marine Biodiversity Conservation in Beibu Gulf, Guangxi Province, the research is oriented at rare and precious marine species conservation in Beibu Gulf, The influence of marine environment changing in Beibu Gulf on biodiversity, Marine biodiversity exploitation. There are also 7 Municipal Key Laboratories at the university, namely, Key Laboratory of Fine Utilization and Security Control of Oil and Gas,  Key Laboratory of Mega Data Use, Key Laboratory of Advanced Ship design and Building, Key Laboratory of Marine Food Nutrition and Its Safety, Key Laboratory of Electronics Testing, Key Laboratory of Modern Port Logistics and Key Laboratory of Technology for Kiln Transmutation of Nixing Pottery.

4. Great Achievement

Qinzhou University has key disciplines, Key Laboratories, engineering technology research center, characteristic programs, demonstrative programs of innovation and entrepreneurship reform, demonstration center of experimental teaching, experimental teaching center of virtual simulation.

In May 2011, it has been officially approved by Guangxi government that Qinzhou University will be upgraded into Beibu Gulf University, which is also the focus of Qinzhou municipal government to push forward the education development in the area. With the strong supports from all circles, Qinzhou University will surely become a famous application-oriented University at home and abroad.

5. Communication and International Cooperation

Qinzhou University attaches great importance to international exchange and cooperation with other universities. It has established close links and intercollegiate cooperation with over 40 universities or research institutes in the U.S.A, the U.K, Canada, Italy, Poland, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam, and so on. Up till now over 1100 our students have been sent abroad for studies while more than 500 international students have been enrolled and studying in the university. In October 2015, with the approval from Ministry of Education of China, Qinzhou University started the program of Chinese-Foreign cooperation in running schools, working with Warsaw University of Technology in the field of electronic information engineering. This program started in 2016. 

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