Qinzhou University

Overseas Students at Qinzhou University, China

Qinzhou University has cultivated more than 500 international students and  now there are over 50 overseas students studying degree programs at the university. English medium courses are available. International Exchange Department has been set up in charge of foreign students’ affairs. 

Qinzhou University attaches great importance to international education and exchange, cooperation with other universities. It has established close links and intercollegiate cooperation with over 40 universities or research institutes in the U.S.A, the U.K, Canada, Italy, Poland, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam, and so on. In October 2015, with the approval from Ministry of Education of China, Qinzhou University started the program of Chinese-Foreign cooperation in running schools, working with Warsaw University of Technology in the field of electronic information engineering. This program started in 2016. The multinational atmosphere at Qinzhou University makes international students here have a colorful life.


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