Jinan University School of Medicine

Why Study Medicine at School of Medicine Jinan University, China

School of Medicine Jinan University is located in Guangzhou Tianhe District . It  is  the first comprehensive university school of medicine recruited towards overseas and the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan area,  founded by the state council according to the needs of national overseas Chinese affairs and the requirements of the overseas Chinese.

(1). History
Under the guidance of “two orientation”, School of Medicine Jinan University is based on the needs of overseas talents, and the combination of the practical adjustment of the professional structure, so as to meet the needs of the society.
In 1982, the college established the Department of oral medicine, opened the medical profession, academic system and clinical medicine profession, and was the only one of the six years of training in the Department of advanced medical professionals, the curriculum is set up in part with Hongkong and the United States related professional standards.
In 1997, the college combined with the current domestic and foreign situation and improved the level of nursing education, the quality of personnel training and the overall quality of the actual situation, on the basis of the full investigation of the needs of the domestic and foreign talent market, bid for five years of nursing science, and in 1998 began enrollment.
In order to provide a platform for learning Chinese medicine to overseas Chinese and Hong Kong and Macao compatriots, but also in order to make the Chinese medicine to overseas, the world, the Institute of medicine  set up a Chinese medicine professional in 1999,  in combination with the current good situation of Chinese medicine.
(2). Discipline Construction
There are three bachelor’s degrees in pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, biological pharmacy, and a total English Teaching in the international school. Medical School has a total of clinical medicine, oral medicine, nursing, traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture and moxibustion fractures, emergency medicine six undergraduate or direction (which clinical medical professional for the characteristics of the Ministry of education, traditional Chinese medicine for the characteristics of Guangdong Province professional), seven level discipline master (combination of basic medicine, clinical medicine, oral medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, nursing, public health and Preventive Medicine).
(3). Campus Overview
School of Medicine Jinan University has new library, with beautiful environment, advanced equipment, and complete functions. And it continues to deepen the concept of people-oriented service, for example: to build a flexible and open service pattern and prominent information technology, intelligent modern library. The new museum carries out  integration of the distribution management mode, single import and export, storing, borrowing, reading, readers can not only be free to open with bags, but also have the largest free space in the museum. In addition to the multimedia reading room, multimedia training room, teacher area, self service machine, self-help book machine, self-help books, and service facilities, but it also has independent training room, academic discussion room for teaching staff to discuss about the school key disciplines or major scientific research projects, and for representatives of students to prepare for various competitions.
(4). Affiliated Hospitals
School of Medicine Jinan University has the existing 18 Affiliated Hospitals: Guangzhou Overseas Chinese Hospital, Shenzhen People’s Hospital, Zhuhai People's Hospital, The Red Cross Hospital in Guangzhou, Qingyuan People's Hospital, Jiangmen Wuyi Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital,  Shenzhen Overseas Chinese town hospital, Shenzhen Eye Hospital, Stomatological Hospital of Huizhou City, Huangpu District of Guangzhou City Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Hospital, Jihua Hospital, Maternal and Children's Hospital of Shunde District, Dongguan Taiping People's Hospital, Guangzhou Fuda Hospital, Guangdong 999 brain hospital and so on. These hospitals provide huge support for the development of medical international students.
(5).  Significant Achievements
School of Medicine Jinan University now has the existing two provincial-level key disciplines, 3 provincial research institute, (center), four University Research Institute (Center), 37 departments, 1Central laboratory, 1 experimental animal center and the national core journals of science and technology, the Chinese Journal of pathophysiology, the magazine won several excellent academic periodicals of China Association for science and technology award. In the past 29 years, the college has won national major scientific projects, National Natural Science Foundation of China and the provincial and municipal scientific research projects, a total of  1874 items, including 246 items of national Guangdong province and Guangzhou science and Technology Achievement Award; published papers, published monographs and compiling teaching materials 5876 (part). Many of the academic books and outstanding teaching materials also won the prizes.
Communication and Cooperation
School of Medicine Jinan University actively carries out academic exchange activities, and establishes friendly cooperative relations with many domestic and foreign medical colleges and universities according to the guidelines of our school “for overseas, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.” 
International communication and cooperation as follows:
Texas Tech Uni
The University of Hongkong
Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
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