Shihezi University School of Medicine

Why Study Medicine at Shihezi University School of Medicine, China

(1). History

The predecessor of Medical College of Shihezi University is the Chinese people's Liberation Army First Corps Health School, founded in 1949 in Tianshui, Gansu Province. In October 1949, it moved to Xinjiang, went through the Xinjiang Military Region Health School, the Corps Medical College, Regiment Medical College, Shihezi Medical College, Medical College of Shihezi University several stages of development. In 1996, Original Shihezi Medical College, College of Agriculture, College of Higher Economic Corps, Corps Higher Normal College merged and formed into Shihezi University, the College changed its name for the Medical College of Shihezi University. Over the past 50 years, the school has nurtured 17000 medical and health technical personnel at all levels, made contribution to the progress of society and development of local and national medical and health undertakings.

(2). Discipline Construction

Medical College of Shihezi University has 6 bachelor degrees including clinical medicine, nursing and preventive medicine, oral medicine, medical imaging science and medical test, among which clinical medical is characteristic specialty,  and on the basis of clinical medical specialty, the school opens undergraduate professional direction like pathological diagnosis, anesthesiology etc. Now the college has 2 autonomous district level excellent courses, 3 corps level courses, three corps level key disciplines, 14 university courses and 7 university key disciplines.

(3). Campus Overview

Medical College of Shihezi University has 19 schools and departments. the number of international students reaches 285. 176 professor and associate professor work at the campus. The address of Shihezi University School of Medicine is Beier Road, Shihezi, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, PR China.

(4). Affiliated Hospitals

Medical College of Shihezi University has always focused on quality course construction, pays attention to the cultivation of students' practical ability, it owns 4 affiliated hospitals(1 directly affiliated hospital, 3 non affiliated hospitals), 1 clinical colleges, 22 teaching hospitals(11 are three A-level hospitals) and 4  bases of practice and teaching. These hospitals and professional bases fulfill their functions and perform their duties in clinical treatment, research, teaching, and courses of study. Students can have good practice and internships here and receive enough exercises to be qualified as a doctor in the future.

(5).Significant Achievements

Medical College of Shihezi University attaches great importance to scientific and technological innovation. In recent 3 years (2012-2014), the college has undertaken more than 112 provincial and ministerial projects, among which one is national science and technology support program, one is 973 projects, one is 863 cooperation project, 56 are National Natural Science Foundation projects, 2 are National Social Science Fund projects. Besides that, it was awarded 18 science and technology progress prizes, published more than 500 academic papers,  more than 40 new papers was included by SCI, and the "oasis scholar" Professor Zhang Wenjie's article was published by Nature Biotechnology. The academic journal of "agricultural reclamation medicine" (bimonthly) sponsored by Medical College of Shihezi University is published both at home and abroad, issued a total of 9.19 million copies.

(6).Communication and Cooperation

Medical College of Shihezi University carries out extensive exchanges and cooperation, has established intercollegiate exchanges and cooperation relations with well-known medical institutions such as Peking University Medical Department, Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of science and technology, Wuhan University Medical College, Zhejiang University Medical College. It also established a long-term cooperative relationship with colleges and universities such as American John Hopkins University Laboratory of molecular medicine and the University of Alabama. In June 2014, the school successful held the second “China Western biomedical International Forum”, more than 230 experts and scholars from the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, the National Human Genome Research Center (CHGB), Pakistan AYUB University Medical College, Kyoto University, Oregon, the United States, the Australian Cancer Council and other medical institutions have come to Medical College of Shihezi University to investigate, visit, conduct academic and scientific research cooperation. In 2014, "international scientific and technological cooperation base for Xinjiang local and national high incidence prevention and control" was approved as the national demonstration base of international scientific and technological cooperation.



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