Shihezi University School of Medicine

Medical Overseas Students at Shihezi University School of Medicine, China

Shihezi University School of Medicine began to recruit students in 2002. In 3013, International Student Association of Shihezi University was set up to promote the mutual understanding and exchange of information between foreign students, to enrich the students' culture, sports and academic activities, to promote exchanges, mutual understanding and friendship between international students and Chinese students, and to serve for the growth of foreign students. Currently, the medical school has 285 students coming from the United States, Russia, Japan, South Korea and Central Asia region.

To create a comfortable living and learning environment for international students, Medical College of Shihezi University provides international Students with dormitories which are equipped with water dispenser, television, telephone (opened the international long-distance), carpet, office table, air conditioning, internet access port, bathroom etc. Every year, the school will arrange a special supper of Chinese New Year's Eve, and organize a party for international students who don’t go back to their hometown on winter vacation. 



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