Southwest Jiaotong University

English Medium Programs in Southwest Jiaotong University, China

1. Master Degree/Postgraduate/PG Programs in English Medium:

- Duration:   3 years

Details please read at Master Degree Programs

1)Geotectonic Engineering

2)Structural Engineering

3)Municipal Engineering

4)Anti-Calamity and Elimination

5)Bridge and Tunnel Engineering

6)Geological Engineering

7)Road and Railway Engineering

8)Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation

9)Mechanical Design and Theory

10)Locomotive and Vehicle Engineering

11)Urban Track Transportation Engineering

12)Power Mechanism and Engineering

13)Heat Supply, Gas Supply, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning Engineering

14)Electric Engine and Apparatus

15)Electricity System and Automation

16)Power Electronics and Electrical Transmission

17)Electrical Maglev and Super-Conduct Engineering

18)Electrical System Control and Information Technology

19)Track Transportation Electrification and Automation

20)Detection Technology and Automatic Device

21)Systematic Engineering

22)Communication and Information System

23)Signal and Information Processing

24)Information Security

25)Computer Software and Theory

26)Computer Science and Application

27)Traffic Information Engineering and Control



30)Industrial Economics


32)Management Science and Engineering

33)Optimization Management of Recourse

34)Project Management

35)Decision Making Science

36)Enterprise Management

37)Tourism Management

38)Technological Economy and Management

39)World Economics

40)Regional Economics

41)Safety Techniques and Engineering

42)Traffic and Transportation Planning and Administration

43)Traffic Engineering

44)Traffic and Transportation Safe Engineering

45)Integrated Transportation

46)Architectural History and Its Theory

47)Architectural Design and Its Theory

48)City Planning and Design

49)Architecture Technology and Science

50)Landscape Engineering

51)Garden Plants and Horticulture

52)Solid Mechanics


54)Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics

55)Municipal Engineering and Environmental Control

56)Fire Protection Engineering

57)Locomotives and Vehicles Engineering

58)Transportation Vehicles Application Engineering

59)Master of Business Administration

60)Logistics Engineering.

2. Doctoral Degree/PHD Programs in English Medium:

- Duration: 4 years

Details please read at Doctoral Degree Programs

1)Geotechnical Engineering

2)Structural Engineering

3)Anti-Calamity and Elimination

4)Bridge and Tunnel Engineering

5)Geological Engineering

6)Road and Railway Engineering

7)Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation

8)Mechanic-Electronic Engineering

9)Mechanical Design and Theory

10)Heat Supply ,Gas Supply, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning Engineering

11)Locomotive and Vehicles Engineering

12)Electricity System and Automation

13)High-voltage and Insulation Technology

14)Power Electronics and Electrical Transmission

15)Electrical Engineering Theory and New Technology

16)Electrical Maglev and Super-Conduct Engineering

17)Electrical System Control and Information Technology

18)Track Transportation Electrification and Automation

19)Communication and Information System

20)Signal and Information Processing

21)Information Security

22)Computer Applied Technology

23)Traffic Information Engineering and Control

24)Management Science and Engineering

25)Project Management

26)Decision Making Science

27)Enterprise Management

28)Systematic Engineering

29)Traffic and Transportation Planning and Administration

30)Traffic Engineering

31)Traffic and Transportation Safe Engineering

32)Integrated Transportation

33)Landscape Engineering

34)Material Science

35)Solid Mechanics


37)Engineering Mechanics

38)Information Based Manufacture Engineering

39)Locomotive and Vehicles Engineering

40)Transportation Vehicles Application

41)Computer Applied Technology

42)Material Science

43)Electrical Engineering Theory and New Technology

44)Logistics Engineering.



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