Taizhou University

Why Study at Taizhou University, China

Brief Introduction

Taizhou University (TU) is located in Taizhou city, the new coastal city in east China. Taizhou University is a comprehensive university on the undergraduate level approved by the Ministry of Education. The campus has Linhai and Jiaojiang sections. Following the goal of “Locality, Applicability and Integrity”, TU is insisted on deepening the educational and teaching reforms, improving students’ practical and creative abilities. Influenced by the school motto, TU is devoted to cultivating the professional, cultural and international students for society, and walking on the road to build a distinctive applied and local university in China.  

 1. History

Taizhou University with a long history of running the school, started in 1907. Its predecessor was  a normal department of Santai Middle School. In a long time, it was devoted to the normal education. In 2002, it upgraded to Taizhou University from Taizhou Normal College approved by Ministry of Education. In 2004 and 2016, Taizhou City Hospital and Taizhou Central Hospital(Taizhou University Hospital) became the affiliated hospitals of Taizhou University. To assist the aviation industry development, it prepared to build the unmanned aerial vehicle college in March, 2017. Over 110 years development and reform, TU has a comprehensive and diverse progress in normal education, natural science and medical science.

2. Discipline and Programs

Taizhou University covers an area of  9527 acres for setting 14 colleges and departments, together with 15000 full-time students. It has 9 branches of subject, including literature, natural science, technological sciences, management, law, education, history, medical sciences, economics, offering 46 undergraduate programs, in which have 2 national characteristic programs(Chinese Language and Literature, Materials Physics), 3 provincial key programs, 4 provincial key construction programs and 1 provincial preponderant program. In 2017, according to the Chinese Universities and Programs Evaluation Report(2017-2018), TU’s Materials Physics entered the top 18 in the list. Besides, there are two affiliated hospitals in Taizhou, Taizhou City Hospital and Taizhou Central Hospital.  

3. Academic Facilities and Scientific Research

Taizhou University is in possession of strong facilities and ample research experience for running the education. There are two campuses(Linhai and Jiaojiang), containing over 1,962.000 books, 60,000 ebooks, 42 network database and the advanced scientific research instruments valuing around 210 million yuan. As one of the teachers’ training base in Zhejiang province, TU has built many educational centers for promoting the professional education. At present, it builds 2 provincial key labs, 7 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers. To improve the scientific research level, it established the Taizhou Biomedical and Biochemistry Industry Research Institute for Zhejiang Recruitment Program of Global Experts, Zhejiang(Taizhou) Small and Micro Financial Research Institute and 10 more professional platforms. Besides, there are 853 professional teaching staffs, including 42.8% senior teachers and 81% teachers with Master and PhD degrees. Particularly, there are 30 more teachers awarded by national model teachers, excellent talents, and the Recruitment Program of Global Experts talents, etc. It not only employs over 30 domestic and international famous experts as the visiting professors, but also has senior engineers and lecturers for supporting teaching.

4. Great Achievement

Taizhou University inherits the school motto of “Cultivating Moral Character and Studying In Time” to train every student. Since its founding, over 200 graduates awarded the honors of national model workers and national advanced teachers, etc. Furthermore, many excellent alumni became famous entrepreneurs and government managers. As the educational body, TU has ever awarded the provincial 4A-class safe campus, national languages work advanced group, etc. Besides, TU teachers published 500 more papers in domestic and foreign famous academic journals, including 220 more papers in SCI/EI. It has been participated in or hosted over 10 National Science Foundation of China Projects, 30 more provincial scientific research projects with Provincial Science Foundation of China, 50 more municipal scientific research projects. At present, there are over 40 patents and 40 more provincial scientific research achievements. Cooperated with some enterprises, it achieved 2 Technology innovation fund for small and medium-sized enterprises and 1 provincial key S&T special project. 

 5. Communication and International Cooperation

Taizhou University runs the opening school as the development policy. It has been active in carrying on international exchange and cooperation and has maintained friendly relationships with 40 more foreign universities from over 10 countries, such as Jacksonville State University of USA, Hanoi National University of Vietnam, Lincoln University of New Zealand, Chodang University of the Republic of Korea etc. Every year excellent teachers will be sent abroad to study further, which will broaden their visual fields. In 2002 Taizhou University was approved to enroll students abroad. Since then, there were over 160 international students from different countries like Germany, Poland, South Korea, Sudan. In 2017, two international students awarded the honor of Envoy of Friendship, three international students awarded the C scholarship in Zhejiang Provincial Government Scholarship and five international students awarded the school scholarships for international students. 


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