Tsinghua University

Scholarships in Tsinghua University, China for International Students

Scholarships aim to encourage and support excellent international students to pursue degrees at Tsinghua University. In collaboration with Chinese Government through Ministry of Education, and Beijing Municipality Government; Tsinghua University accepts the winners of the following scholarships:  

1.  Beijing Municipal Government scholarship (BMG)

2.  Tsinghua University scholarship (THUS)

Basic Qualifications for the Applicants:

(1). Applicants must be Non-Chinese citizen

(2). Follow Chinese Law and school regulations. 

(3). Positive attitude in study, excellent attendance, great achievements . 

(4). Outstanding performance in minor course examinations .

(5). Polite behavior, kindness to all teachers and classmates.

(6). Take an active part in school activities.



The final information is subject to the University If there is any discrepancy!