Wenzhou University

Why Study at Wenzhou University, China

Wenzhou University (WZU) is a comprehensive and regional institution of higher learning, which can be traced back to Wenzhou Normal College founded by the patriot Huang Suchu in 1933. It presents an atmosphere rich in culture and fine tradition. Wenzhou University forms multilevel talents training systems of mainly training undergraduates, simultaneously training graduates, international students, and continuing education. Wenzhou University is located in the beautiful and prosperous city of Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. The Chashan Campus and Xue Yuanlu Campus altogether cover an area of 157 hectares. With the development of international education, there are more and more international students studying here.

(1) History

Wenzhou University was founded through the amalgamation of Wenzhou Normal College established in 1956 and the former Wenzhou University, which was established in 1984. In the year of 2006, Wenzhou Normal College combined with former Wenzhou University into new Wenzhou University. 

(2) Discipline and programs 

Wenzhou University system includes 19 colleges, two of which are independent (Oujiang College and City College), and various research centers. Wenzhou University currently offers 40 master’s degree programs in broad disciplines, 39 in specific areas and 55 undergraduate bachelor degree programs covering the 9 disciplines of Literature, Science, Engineering, Law, Education, Economics, History, Management and Art. The university also offers high level programs in Organic Chemistry, Leather Chemicals Engineering, Material Science, Solid State Physics, Disaster Prevention, Protection Engineering and Ecology. Wenzhou University enrolls 13717 Chinese students and 325 international students at present.

(3) Academic facilities and scientific research

Wenzhou University supplies a complete set of facilities and services for teaching, and research. The number of the teaching and administrative staff reaches 2505 of which 1599 are teachers, 190 full professors and 437 associate professors. Wenzhou University provides an ideal environment for study with a library boasting a collection of over 4 million paper and electronic books, 59 databases, and various e-journals in different languages. Wenzhou University houses 111 scientific research institutes, 26 laboratories and experimental centers, 2 provincial industrial (regional) sci-tech innovation and service platforms, 5 provincial key laboratories, 1 international sci-tech cooperation foundation, 9 municipal research centers of industrial technology, 1 provincial key research base for philosophy and social sciences, 4 provincial key innovation teams and 3 provincial university innovation teams.

(4) Great achievements 

In the last 3 years, Wenzhou University has undertaken 159 state level scientific research and 285 provincial and ministerial level programs. These include the National Science and Technology Program, the National Social Science Fund Program, the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars Program, the NSFC (National Natural Science Foundation of China) Program, and the 973 Program (The National Basic Research Program). Wenzhou University also achieved 29 awards at or above ministerial and provincial levels in the last 3 years. These include: first prize in the provincial level “Outstanding Achievements in Philosophical and Social Science” award and second prize in both the state level “Teaching Achievements” and the “Provincial Level Outstanding Achievements in Sci-Tech Advancement” awards. In 2008, Wenzhou University scored a grade of Excellent in the “Undergraduate Course Teaching Level Evaluation” by the Ministry of Education. In 2009, the entrepreneurship education mode based on Wenzhou specialty was awarded the second prize of “National Outstanding Achievements in Education” and the first prize of “Provincial Outstanding Achievements in Education”. Besides, our students have won 595 national and 1883 awards in various contests since the 11th Five-Year Plan.

(5) Communication and international cooperation

Wenzhou University is actively expanding global engagement and continuously seeking internationalization of its educational endeavors. It has established cooperative relations with colleges, universities and research institutes from many countries and regions including the U.S., U.K., Canada, Italy, Australia, German, Singapore, Russia, Japan, Korea, and Thailand. A series of courses are designed for overseas students, such as Bachelor Degree Courses of International Economy and Trade, and Bachelor Degree Courses of International Sales and Marketing Management. Overseas students in Wenzhou University who are eligible can apply different scholarships. There are more than 325 international students studying at Wenzhou University.


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