Wenzhou University

Scholarships in Wenzhou University, China for International Student

Zhejiang Province Government Scholarship

Zhejiang Provincial Government Scholarship for Overseas Students, which is supported by Zhejiang government offering for doctor candidate, master candidate, undergraduate student and visiting students who stayed in China more than one semester.

1. Qualifications

(1). Applicants must have graduated from high school for Bachelor Degree and Applicants must be bachelor's degree holders for Master Degree.

(2). Applicants must be Non-Chinese nationals, holding valid passport and in good health.

(3). Respect Chinese customs and maintain the friendship with the people from all over the world.

(4). Abide by Chinese laws, rules and the regulations of the university.

(5). Study hard and the annual comprehensive results are above average.

(6). Applicants haven’t got any other types of Chinese government scholarship at same time.

2. Application Materials

(1). Application form.

(2). scan copy of passport.

(3). scan copy of approved academic certificate and transcript (Notarized). 

(4). scan copy of healthy certificate.

(5). Recommendation letters.


Wenzhou University Scholarship for International Students

Wenzhou University Scholarship for International Students includes: Wenzhou University Enrollment Scholarship for International Students (Applicants should be international students who apply to study in Wenzhou University for bachelor's degree or master's degree) , and Wenzhou University Scholarship for Outstanding Wenzhou University Students(Applicants should be international students who has been studying in Wenzhou University for more than one year).


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