Wuhan University

Canteens in Wuhan University, China

There are altogether 19 campus canteens distributed in campuses of Wuhan University, including Yingyuan Canteen, Guiyuan Canteen, Guiyuan Restaurant, Guiyuan Hotpot Restaurant, Meiyuan Canteen, Meiyuan Restaurant, Hubin Canteen, Hubin Restaurant, Fengyuan Canteen in Campus of Humanities and Sciences; No.1 Canteen, No.2 Canteen and No.3 Canteen in Campus of Engineering; No.1 Canteen, No.2 Canteen, No.3 Canteen, No.4 Canteen and Xingyuan Canteen in Campus of Information Sciences.
What’s more, a special canteen for international students in Fengyuan Campus which provides delicious food and a Muslim canteen are also available to international students.
Apart from campus canteens, delicious cuisines and snacks of Wuhan are also much favored by international students, such as Hot Dry Noodle, Duck Neck, Doupi (three delicacy stuffed skin of bean milk), Mianwo (round and thin fried dough with a crispy center), Tangbao (a steamed dumpling filled with minced meat and gravy), Tangyuan (stuffed dumplings made of glutinous rice flou) and Boiled Dumplings, etc.
International student canteen, Muslim canteen and ordinary campus canteens of Wuhan University are highly praised for the delicious food with low price.
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