Wuhan University

Overseas Students at Wuhan University, China

There are 1,577 international students studying at Wuhan University (WHU). The School of International Education is a special school that provides education to international students. It is responsible for not only the admissions and daily management of those students but also Chinese language teaching and research. It is also one of the first certified Chinese Language Training Centers and HSK Test Centers by the government.
Wuhan University offers opportunities to overseas students to explore, to try something new, and experience colorful campus lives. There are about 300 student clubs, and a wide range of student activities running year-round. International students are encouraged to join student unions, become a member of a society or participate in student activities to make new friends, cultivate creativity and leadership.
The internationalization of Wuhan University dates back to the 1980s. As one of the first key universities to conduct external contacts with the outside world, Wuhan University has always attached great importance to the international exchanges and cooperation. Over the years, under the overall blueprint of building a world-top university with Chinese characteristics, Wuhan University has followed the path of running the school in an international way, strengthening exchanges and cooperation with world-class universities and scientific research institutions.
Now Wuhan University has signed cooperation agreements with more than 400 universities and research institutions in over 70 countries and regions for in-depth cooperation of high quality in various fields, including University of Chicago, Duke university, University of Cambridge and London School of Economics and Political Science(LSE), National University of Singapore, Erasmus University Rotterdam(EUR), Université Paris Diderot-Paris, etc.
Wuhan University aims to cultivate talents with international perspectives through the introduction of overseas high-quality education resources, the joint education programs with foreign universities and the student exchange both in the long term and short term. Every year more than 2,000 students are sent to partner universities for exchange and further study. Wuhan University boasts a nice atmosphere of international academic exchange, receiving around 1,000 important foreign delegations per year and hiring about 100 foreign experts as permanent faculty. More than 30 international academic meetings are held here annually. Moreover, Wuhan University has a particular advantage in the contacts with France through many high-level exchange projects, which were acclaimed as “the model for China-France cooperation” by the former French president Jacques Chirac.
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