Wuyi University

Why Study at Wuyi University, China

Wuyi University (WYU), is located in the green hinterland of the Economic Zone on the West Bank of the Straits. It is located in the ‘world culture and natural heritage site’ - Wuyishan, high speed railway, expressway, aviation and so on. In particular, it takes only 1 hours to reach Fuzhou, and 3 hours to reach Xiamen, Shanghai, Nanjing and Hefei, Changsha and other coastal central cities and inland cities, 6 hours to the capital of Beijing, the space radius of the school’s external development has been effectively reduced, and the advantages of school running are constantly highlighted. The campus covers an area of 3000 mu, with mountains and rivers, lakes and mountains, birds and flowers, and the four seasons are picturesque. The school is the base of ecological civilization education in Fujian province.

Wuyi University was a public full-time undergraduate college approved by the Ministry of Education in March 19, 2007; the predecessor was the Nanning Teachers College in August 12, 1958; in January 1962, the Fuzhou Normal College entered the renamed Nanping Normal College (undergraduate); it was stopped during the cultural revolution and approved by the State Council in 1978.
Discipline and programs
There are more than 1.5 full-time students in full time. There are schools of tea and food, ecology and resources engineering, arts, tourism, humanities and teacher education, mechanical and electrical engineering, civil engineering and architecture, mathematics and computer, business, Straits success, Yushan health management, Marx continuing education. There are 14 Colleges (departments) such as the Teaching Ministry of physical education, and 43 undergraduate majors, including economics, education, literature, science, engineering, agronomy, management and art.
Academic facilities and Scientific research
The school has a building area of 450 thousand square meters, a total of 130 million yuan of instrument and equipment, 1 million 250 thousand books of paper collection in the library and 850 thousand books of electronic books. The local mirror sites, such as periodicals, full text databases of newspapers, database of abundant papers, knowledge video databases, electronic books and so on, have been established to enhance the teaching and scientific research of service. All kinds of teaching, living, sports and other facilities are complete, human culture, ecology, gardening, digital modern campus has begun to take shape.
Wuyi University Achievements
The school has been awarded “the national green model unit”, “the national university student apartment management and service advanced unit”, “the national 54 red flag League Committee”, “the national education science and cultural defense system model worker’s family”, “Fujian province 2018-2020 year master’s degree grant the cultivation unit to establish the construction university”, Fujian Province seventh Awarded the honorary title of “Provincial Water Conservancy Scenic Spot” and won the honorary title of “provincial civilized school” for the eight consecutive term.
Communication and international cooperation
It is also the overseas Chinese education base of Fujian Province and the experience and promotion center of Chinese traditional culture. In recent years, more than 300 students from the United States, Russia, France and South Africa have been studying for a long time or short term. The first batch of 61 students in South Africa free province have passed the HSK 4 test and entered the professional learning stage; 13 people were awarded the scholarship of foreign students from the Fujian provincial government in 2015; and Malaysia Sand La Yue University of science and technology cooperation to carry out exchange students project, to undertake international friends, overseas Chinese and Hongkong, Taiwan, Macao youth “China root seeking journey”, travel classes, Chinese talent training classes, cultural experience classes and other activities of more than 12000 people. Deepening the exchanges and cooperation between Fujian and Taiwan, and signing cooperation and exchange agreements with 19 universities, such as Taiwan Political University, Changhua Normal University and Kaohsiung University, and on the basis of the successful Straits College of the “3+1” cooperation model of Fujian and Taiwan, and the cooperation between the school and the cross-strait educational science and Culture Association (Taiwan Yushan University Union). The Yushan Institute of health management has been set up to pilot the new model of “4+0” for training applied talents in Fujian and Taiwan, and to absorb the qualified talents of high quality education resources in Taiwan.
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