Yanshan University

Why Study at Yanshan University, China

 Yanshan University is a university in Qinhuangdao, Hebei, China under the provincial government. It has student population of 39,000 and a staff population of 3200 (2058 of which are teachers, including 413 full professors and 630 associate professors). It is a national key school and run state key lab in its campus. 

1. History 
The origin of Yanshan University can be traced back to the Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT) founded in 1920. In 1958, the Department of Heavy Machinery of HIT and its related specialties moved to the strategic industrial town of Fulaerji, Qiqihar in Northeast China’s Heilongjiang Province and was renamed the School of Heavy Machinery of HIT. In 1960, the school became independent as the Northeast Heavy Machinery Institute, and in 1978, it was accredited a national key institutions of higher learning. Starting from 1985, it began to relocate southward to the historic seaside city of Qinhuangdao and completed the migration in 1997 when it was accredited by the former State Education Commission to adopt the present name of Yanshan University (YSU). 
2. Discipline and programs 
Yanshan University runs 5 national key disciplines, 4 key disciplines of national defense, and 16 provincial key disciplines. It boasts of the National Key Laboratory of Metastable Materials Science and Technology, National Engineering Research Center for Equipment and Technology of Cold Strip Rolling, the State and Local United Engineering Research Center for Advanced Manufacturing Molding Technology and Equipment, the Key National Defense Laboratory of Mechanical Structure and Materials Science under Extreme Conditions, the National Exemplary Institute of Technology Transfer (The Qinhuangdao Yanshan University General Corporation of Technology Development ), and 28 key provincial and ministerial laboratories, engineering centers and social science research center. YSU also has the National University Science Park and the Yanshan University Press.
3. Academic facilities and scientific research 
Yanshan University has always focused on the construction of scientific research teams and the training of scientific personnel. Now they own one Innovative Research Group from the National Natural Science Foundation, one Yangtze River Scholars Innovative Research Team from the Ministry of Education, and one National Defense-related Science and Technology and Industry Innovative Research Team. There are four distinguished professors from the Yangtze River Scholars Program, eight winners of the China National Funds for Distinguished Young Scientists, one scientist in the National 973 Plan Project,ten National Outstanding Contribution specialists and National Millions of Talents Project candidates,and nine winners of New Century Talents Plan from the Ministry of Education.
4. Great achievements 
Yanshan University is known for its world-renowned achievements in the development of whole-set heavy machinery and equipment, the metastable materials and technology, the theory and technology of parallel robots, the technology of fluid transmission and electro-hydraulic servo-systems, the theory and technology of industrial automation, the technology of precision plasticity figuration, the technology of large forging and heat treatment, the technology of mechanical structure and materials under extreme conditions, etc. The university has won 16 national scientific and technological awards in a row since 2000, including 2 First-class China State Science and Technology Progress Awards, 9 Second-class Awards, 2 State Technology Invention Awards, and 3 Second-class National Natural Sciences Awards. The university has undertaken more than 700 national research projects, including those funded by the 973 Programs, the 863 Programs, as well as the National Natural Sciences Foundation and the National Social Sciences Foundation. 
Since 2010, the university has won eight national awards, among which are three second place awards from the National Natural Science, one second place award for a National Technology Innovation, and four second place awards from the National Science and Technology Progress. Two hundred and forty-four projects have been sponsored by the National Natural Fund and twenty by the National Social Science Fund have been approved; the funds amount to 130 million RMB. 1200 SCI articles were published.  
5. Communication and international cooperation 
Yanshan University also attaches great importance to international academic exchange and collaboration, and has conducted joint study and research programs with institutions from the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Ireland, Korea and Japan etc. 
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