Yanshan University

Canteens in Yanshan University, China

The school canteen is located in the southeast corner of the dormitory. It has three floors. The first is the halal food. The second and third floor also sets up some windows for specialties. There are two large supermarkets. Lilian Supermarket is located north of No.9 dormitory building and Saiensi Supermarket is located west of No.7 dormitory building. In case of need, the first floor of the canteen which is at the northeast corner of dormitories has a book store, a fruit store and a typed copy agency. 
There are four student dining halls as well as several cafeterias and restaurants on campus. In the dining halls, there are varies kind of local food and foreign cuisines, and students may also dine at Yanshan Hotel restaurant and Yi Yuan cafeteria which provide clean and comfortable environment. 
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