Yunnan University of Finance and Economics

Overseas Students at Yunnan University of Finance and Economics, China

Yunnan University of Finance and Economics (YUFE) has established close links with more than 80 universities in nearly 30 countries around the world by recruiting overseas students, conducting faculty and student exchange programs as well as joint degree programs. Now, more than 30 foreign teachers and over 700 long-term or short-term overseas students are teaching or studying at YUFE every year. In addition, YUFE has also created a set of international courses taught in English for the discipline of International Commercial Chinese. YUFE has joined 4 universities in China and Australia to found the "Shangri-la University Alliance" that enrolls students from all over the world. Currently, the student number of the five Sino-foreign joint education programs approved by the Academic Committee of the State Council has increased to 2500.




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