Zhejiang A & F University

Admission at Zhejiang A & F University, China for International Education

Bachelor Degree/Undergraduate Programs in English Medium

Civil Engineering, International Economics and Trade, Computer Science & Technology, Machine Design & Manufacturing & Automation.
1. Qualification for applicant
(1) Applicants should be foreign nationals in good health.
(2) Applicants should have the equivalent of a high school education with good performance.
(3) Applicants should be or over 18 years old. 
2. Application materials
(1) Application Form.
(2) Scan copy of certificate or diploma of highest educational degree (in Chinese or English).
(3) Scan copy of transcripts of highest educational degree.
(4) Scan copy of passport.
(5) Physical Examination Report.
(6) One digital photo.
(7) Police clearance.
(8) Scan copy of  Financial Income Statement  
(9) Family Information Form
3. Duration and tuition Fees
All undergraduate programs at Zhejiang A & F University take 4 years.
Tuition fees are 17,600 CNY/YEAR for all undergraduate programs in English.
4. Intake Every Year:
September Intake
March Intake
The final information is subject to the University If there is any discrepancy!