Zhejiang A & F University

Overseas Students at Zhejiang A & F University, China

Overseas students live a relaxed and healthy lifestyle studying at Zhejiang A & F University. They can develop friendship with many students from different countries and teacher, and join in colorful activities in campus. There are currently as many as 600 international students enrolled at Zhejiang A & F University.

Since 2002, Zhejiang A & F University has recruited internationalstudents from all over the world.Every year, about 200 overseas students from nearly 40 countries study language or other programs here.

Zhejiang A & F University promotes international exchange and co-operation and has built up collaborative and academic relationships with 30 universities and academic institutes in more than 10 countries and regions, such as the USA and Canada. It has also built up sound ties with West Sydney University (Australia) and Alberta University (Canada) in joint education programs. Now 43 foreign experts together with 50 foreign language teachers are teaching and researching in Zhejiang A & F University on a long-term basis.


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